Thursday, 24 December 2015

My Christmas Eve

Hello, all of blogosphere it feels forever and a day since my last post, despite being approximately three weeks. A lot has happened as the days have rolled into one without any comprehension.  We're now approaching the night where St Nicholas showers us with presents. I don't want to discuss what's been going on apart from there's been a lot of rubbish going on.

This year, I've found it's been difficult to find the Christmas spirit and cheer, until about 10:33 this morning I had a euphoric epiphany of Christmas cheer and happiness surge through my body to my inner core intern lifting my spirits causing a sense of joy I haven't felt for a few weeks.  I haven't listened to many Christmas songs at the time I was listening to Chris de Burgh Spaceman, which always has a sentimental effect on me. 

After finishing work, I met up with the boyfriend at our local haunt Trills and had a few drinks while meeting up with a few friends I got slightly over excited and got far too tipsy after consuming too much  strawberry and lime Kopparberg cider, I decided I wanted to grab something to eat. 

Personally, there is something quite traditional about eating Chinese on Christmas Eve. We were quite fortuitous in finding a chinses which was a quiet yet pleasant. The boyfriend and I ordered from a set menu of chicken and sweet corn soup, crispy perking duck in pancakes, lemon chicken, beef in black been sauce and pork in sweet & sour sauce; for drinks I ordered Jasmine tea.

 During our meal, the boyfriend showed me a picture of his friends Christmas tree decorated with foxes, it resembled my upcycled Christmas tree. He posted a photo of my Christmas tree on facebook and people commented on how they loved it. Certainly makes a change as a lot of people have insulted it, but they entirely miss the point I have used to decor that is individual, unique and something that's made by crafters and small business owners rather than have a commercialised copy cat like everybody else. The important thing is I love my Chrismas tree. 

Afterwards, we went back to Trillians for more drinks, sadly, Trill's closed early.  So, I decided to look at Fenwick's Christmas window; Fenwick is a major department store, established since 1882, and every year they organise a Christmas display window was based on children fairy stories. Ever since being young, I love to see the windows as they bring back nostalgic memories.  This years window is about Santa delivering presents to the children in Newcastle. It features  some iconic buildings. 

I love this one with the reindeer in the  cloud made me laugh 

Wishings everybody a Merry Christmas 


  1. I love Christmas trees that are different! I saw a Harry Potter one and now I want to do that for next year!

    IT is so weird to think you live in a Newcastle, we have one in Australia, too! Ours is probably named after yours!

  2. Possibly there is a least to or three in the UK and possibly one in Ireland,it just what happens when Britain had an empire.

    I love my tree its something that truly unique and fun


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