Saturday, 14 November 2015

Professor's Assignment - Thanks Giving

So the good Professor's has started her assignment off by her great article for what to be Thankful inspired by the American Thank's Giving Holidays.

During my melancholy and anxious moments, I find it hard to be thankful as my tunnel vision blinds me. After finding the rational light at the tunnel, I see I have a lot to be thankful. This is for all the people and things  who matter in my life  and I like to say a big thank you for putting my consisting talking, moaning, occasional violence, ( more for Netty)  extreme narcissism, my random mutterings and general insanity

1. The boyfriend 

As I'm writing this, I have ideas running through my head about what to be thankful for, there is so much that I want to mention. Today, I left work early as I felt ill from a  bad vertigo episode and spent most of my time sleeping and waiting for the boyfriend to return. I'm  feeling like crap,  he comes in entirely full of sympathy and makes me a cuppa and prepares dinner for us eat and cuddles up with me for a bit. At one point, he donned my cookie monster t-shirt and did an impression of the cookie monster, to cheer me up. I guess when you have a supportive and caring partner like that, I have a lot to be thankful.(I wrote this last night). 

When I'm feeling crappy or sick, he always there to makes me things feel better. Despite being a vampire and only rising after sunset,  once he's fed, he radiates such an incredible energy that's  contagious and so fun to be around.  

Even a couple of months ago, I lost my pride and joy, my digital camera; he brought me for Christmas.  I loved this camera, and went into a semi-mourning for it, I know this sounds quite superficial to be upset about the camera, it felt like I lost a piece of myself. I  continued my depression, when were out at the pub he asked me what would cheer me up?  I responded by suggesting my old camera or at least a replacement one. He disappeared to get some cigarettes from the shop, and about fifteen minutes later he returned surprising me with a new camera. 

2. Mam                                  

I don't know what to write about her there so many things it's easier just saying for being Mam. 

3 Netty 

My netbook is going strong after more than three years of abuse, and hard work is still a continual source of enjoyment and has become my best friend, I know sad, I need to get a life or meet more people or something. I love her once she blows up I'll get a new one. 

4. Friends

Unfortunately, I often don't get to see many of my friends as I would like to but I know  I can always on count them. I

5. Blogosphere friends 

I know we haven't met each other in person, yet but this community means a lot to me supported through and encouraged me to continue with my blog. 

6. Like any typical Brit, I'm a proper teapot I love cup tea it's something that's always there for the best and worst times. 


  1. Nothing superficial in being sad for a camera or other 'loved' electronic thing to break, they hold real memories :-) in the end it just showed once more how much your boyfriend cares for you! And I totally understand feeling connectred to 'online / blogging friends' :-)

    1. My camera was amazing and captured so many wonderful experiences. I'm very lucky to have such a caring boyfriend.

      I love blog sphere as it does feel you meet some wonderful people and every body is so supportive.

  2. Aw, you're boyfriend is awesome. Cookie Monster! YES! SO MUCH YES! And I agree with Ramona. My camera "died" a few months and I'm in deep mourning. I haven't been posting a lot of outfit posts because of it ... and that's a shame.

    Maybe one day we can meet? You never know when I'm going to hop the pond!

    1. It's nice to hear people have the same feelings about their camera, I bet that's quite frustrating that you can't. My boyfriend calls me the cookie monster as I tend to eat all the cookies.

      It would be so cool to meet a fellow blogger. Yeap, you never know when you might pop over the pond. I'm hoping to plan a visit to the states to see a couple of friends.

  3. I don't do thankfulness, I am too bitter ;)
    But your post reminded me of my love of tea that always comes back this time of year - and how a new pretty cup always brightens the day. I gotta go shopping!

  4. I understand in the UK we have never adopted Thanks Giving, only recently did we adopt Black Friday lol. I love tea, as soon as I'm in the flat the kettle is never off. I like pretty new cups as wlell, I have to stop shopping as I have way too many


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