Saturday, 31 October 2015

Happy Halloween Everybody

Hello everyone in blogosphere, I'm so happy to be posting again, it feels like a lifetime since my last post. As life can get incredibly busy sometimes, we have to forgo the things we love, with a combo of being ill, working, life, too tired to write, and alternatively preferring to chill out by watching t.v is the reason for my hiatus. Anyway, I may do a life update delving in more detail  if I think on or can be bothered

I feel so happy with glee this morning while writing at six in the morning due to a bout of insomnia and an uncomfortable urge to, yeah, you don't need to know about that. I feel like a five-year-old at Christmas,  I'm filled with buzzing zest to go out wish everybody a happy Halloween, say it's finally here, at the same time I may look like a crazy nut and gets a arrested, not the best idea.

Sorry, far too much of my ramblings about my excitement of Halloween. First all I made some effort to decorate my table at the boyfriends, sadly we've not gone Halloween mad, personally, not what I wanted. My boyfriend, not one for unnecessary decorating this also includes  Christmas. The most important thing is I have my Halloween tree up yes, it's not finished to my original plan, but still looks fantastic.

The main body of the tree constructed from recycled branches from the boyfriend ex-enchanted forest of bramble and rose bushes that I hacked. I also mentioned on o-hallow-tree-o-hallow-tree. Initially, I wanted to paint the branches black I couldn't bother and besides I like the intricate natural grain of the branches.Most of the ornaments hang off I've made from salt dough; I decorated and intern discovering a new found love of glitter.

At  the top of my tree is Halloween bat I printed off

Last night I bought a Halloween bouquet from Waitrose's where I got black and silver glitter thistle, pumpkin, ghost and a branch with orange cotton. I added these to my Halloween tree.

The jug I found in a charity shop, I love the amateur paint job with the stars and swirls, it adds to the DIY quality I wanted.

Hope every has an amazing Halloween 


  1. Wonderful job on the Hallowe'en tree! Seriously, who doesn't like glitter for any kind of ornament. It just doesn't feel like the holidays if you're not vacuuming it up from the floor twenty times a day. LOL

    Happy Hallowe'en, Sarah!

  2. Thanks I am glad you like it. Alot of effort and hard work have gone into it and its not what I envisioned, I am happy with the end result.

    Hope you have a fab Halloween all the best from the UK


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