Saturday, 3 October 2015

An unexpected surprise

I received a surprise in the post, I missed the first delivery and posted a mail card indicating that I have missed it, and  I lost the card, even I couldn't believe I lost it. I rescheduled another delivery and finally received it, yay.

I first that the package forgotten parcel I ordered some time ago. I looked at the decorated box with bats, skeleton stamps and cobwebs, I thought it was familiar, and then I looked at the return address and realised it was something from the Goth Garden. I'm so grateful for her present as it so unexpected, despite only emailing a few times it illustrates her incredible kindness.  

I opened it found a lovely Halloween card, wishing a wonderful Halloween some stunning hand towels with spiders and cobweb, that so plush, amazingly strong aroma of pumpkin soap and some witchy brew Yankee tea light candles, it's certainly, made my Halloween. 

Thank so much for your gift. 


  1. Just spreading a little holiday cheer! Happy Halloween!

  2. Thank you again, it was very kind gesture, happy Halloween

  3. Yeap, I in love with the hand towels, and the aroma of pumpkin soap


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