Saturday, 31 October 2015

Happy Halloween Everybody

Hello everyone in blogosphere, I'm so happy to be posting again, it feels like a lifetime since my last post. As life can get incredibly busy sometimes, we have to forgo the things we love, with a combo of being ill, working, life, too tired to write, and alternatively preferring to chill out by watching t.v is the reason for my hiatus. Anyway, I may do a life update delving in more detail  if I think on or can be bothered

I feel so happy with glee this morning while writing at six in the morning due to a bout of insomnia and an uncomfortable urge to, yeah, you don't need to know about that. I feel like a five-year-old at Christmas,  I'm filled with buzzing zest to go out wish everybody a happy Halloween, say it's finally here, at the same time I may look like a crazy nut and gets a arrested, not the best idea.

Sorry, far too much of my ramblings about my excitement of Halloween. First all I made some effort to decorate my table at the boyfriends, sadly we've not gone Halloween mad, personally, not what I wanted. My boyfriend, not one for unnecessary decorating this also includes  Christmas. The most important thing is I have my Halloween tree up yes, it's not finished to my original plan, but still looks fantastic.

The main body of the tree constructed from recycled branches from the boyfriend ex-enchanted forest of bramble and rose bushes that I hacked. I also mentioned on o-hallow-tree-o-hallow-tree. Initially, I wanted to paint the branches black I couldn't bother and besides I like the intricate natural grain of the branches.Most of the ornaments hang off I've made from salt dough; I decorated and intern discovering a new found love of glitter.

At  the top of my tree is Halloween bat I printed off

Last night I bought a Halloween bouquet from Waitrose's where I got black and silver glitter thistle, pumpkin, ghost and a branch with orange cotton. I added these to my Halloween tree.

The jug I found in a charity shop, I love the amateur paint job with the stars and swirls, it adds to the DIY quality I wanted.

Hope every has an amazing Halloween 

Sunday, 11 October 2015

My Weekend

Yesterday was a busy day; I spent about six hours shopping consisting of clothes, house, and food shopping. I made the mistake of going to the Metro Centre, a large indoor shopping complex, supposively the biggest in Europe.  The Metrocentre on Saturday afternoon is usually a big no-no as it's filled with too many people, and it feels as though like being in a rabbit warren. However, the allure of a pair of knee high PVC boots was too tempting.

The night previous, I nipped into Primark to purchase more leggings, as my other ones have appeared to vanish, possibly the fairies have borrowed them, but for three-pound a pair I am not bothered. I ended up wandering into the shoe department and found a gorgeous pair of PVC knee high boots. I tried them on as they even fitted my wide calfs, I love knee high boots but because of my muscular calfs it's a nightmare to find wide fitting boots. I grabbed and raced to the checkout, and in my excitement I picked up a size nine, I thought they were referring to an American size 9 or a UK size 7. The sale assistant recommended to call the Metrocentre store the next morning, and  I called the store and after ten minutes of the most irksome music I got confirmation they had my size. 

These are the boots, I paid £20 for them, I'm in love 

During the same morning, I managed to break the boyfriend's toilet seat that was already on it's last legs, so I decided to go Ikea for a new one. To replace the seat involved combined efforts of the boyfriend and me to decipher instructions or rather me unable to understand the instructions and I had to ask for the boyfriend's assistance. If I go to Ikea, I love to walk around to spy stuff and grab a bite to eat, I only left with a toilet seat and a pack of delicious meatballs for tea. 

Before I left, I knocked on my boyfriends new upstairs neighbour whose is lovely, and we're fostering good relations. I  knocked on her to offer a pair of leggings I bought from eBay and didn't fit. We ended talking and in previous conversations she mentioned she was a pagan and going start female drum circle at some point, so I asked if she ever had one could I attend. 

When I arrived at the Metrocentre, my first port of call was into TK Maxx to look for more Halloween stuff; I ended up buying more Halloween cookie cutters and a new storage box for baking equipment from Poundland. 

I went food shopping for tea and to get ingredients to bake scones. I even went into Asda and bought more, you guessed it Halloween cookie cutters. 

When I got back, the boyfriend was feeling ill, so I made dinner. It consisted of Ikea meatballs, mashed sweet potatoes, carrots and bean sprouts that tasted fine, except for my glutenous alcoholic gravy. I added some bourbon to enhance the flavor and added too much gravy, it tasted vile.  I enjoyed my meal with a glass of Lindisfarne Mead. 


Today has been a quiet day, consisting of doing house, making dinner and baking cherry scones. The scones haven't raised properly,  but my first batch tasted ok so, I'll need to keep practicing. 

Yesterday's outfit 

It felt great to feel like me again, as it's been a while since I've worn makeup or my new rocks. Every weekend most of my outfits have been fat pants and trainer with long sleeved tops, not exciting.  

  My dress - Marks and Spencers - Salvation Army 
Leggings - Primark 
New rocks - Scorpio
Necklace - Church Fete   

Saturday, 3 October 2015

An unexpected surprise

I received a surprise in the post, I missed the first delivery and posted a mail card indicating that I have missed it, and  I lost the card, even I couldn't believe I lost it. I rescheduled another delivery and finally received it, yay.

I first that the package forgotten parcel I ordered some time ago. I looked at the decorated box with bats, skeleton stamps and cobwebs, I thought it was familiar, and then I looked at the return address and realised it was something from the Goth Garden. I'm so grateful for her present as it so unexpected, despite only emailing a few times it illustrates her incredible kindness.  

I opened it found a lovely Halloween card, wishing a wonderful Halloween some stunning hand towels with spiders and cobweb, that so plush, amazingly strong aroma of pumpkin soap and some witchy brew Yankee tea light candles, it's certainly, made my Halloween. 

Thank so much for your gift. 

Friday, 2 October 2015

Halloween Shopping

I’m getting excited about the spooky season starting, the nights are drawing in, I enjoy leaving work while there is sunlight still here.  I've been slowly turning into a consumerist zombie trolling around the shops for no reason. My eyes going  all starry-eyed, and my hands dancing with excitement,  they gyrate with same exciting as five-year-old  experiences at Disney Land. I am describing my reaction to the Halloween nostalgia displayed in shops. I am looking forward to it and started eyeing things up.  I planned to adopt the 30-day rule to limit both spending and clutter, to no avail it hasn't worked. 

 I used to be apathetic about Halloween but as I get older, I become more excitable about the eerier and spooky time.  Since, Halloween takes place on a Saturday, which makes it feels more exciting.  My friend and me were planning to take part in the world record attempt for the largest gathering of " witches". To clarify it's the biggest gathering of people dressed up as witches rather than follower of the pagan and Wicca religions. The event will be held at Alnwick Gardens, I thought it sounded like a fun idea.

This year, I've found some fantastic finds this year, a few years ago Halloween paraphernalia was rubbish in the UK, over the last few years it's been improving . I've found the best Halloween items in  TK Maxx; a discount outlet they get stuff from anywhere and everywhere. I could have of bought everything  from the shop, but I had to limit myself.

I ended up purchased a raven snow globe, that looked amazing, it reminded me of one I bought my ex a few years ago. That one was  a black cat snow globe and  was a musical box . 

I brought a witch that appears to be a sister switch to the one I brought from Salem MA two years ago

On the right is the new witch, on left is my Salem witch 

My favourite store is Poundland they have some excellent things in for Halloween and some Naff stuff, but my favorite are the two coffin signs, as these made think of Salem, especially the witch sign.  

I also found this cat welcome mat for a pound as well, and I couldn't resist it.

Another cheap shop is BM bargains, I bought a Halloween drink and black cat candle holder.

I have been on in Wilkinson, does everything it's not badly priced. I bought craft supplies as to decorate the salt dough decor for my Halloween tree. I bought Halloween confetti to decorate the salt dough.

I bought acrylic paints for £2

I bought a large Halloween bowl to bake in.  

I even purchased black and purple batty tinsel for my Halloween tree. 

Life Update.

Hi, it's been a very long hiatus, not to say the least. Since my last post, a lot happened in October. I had a death in the family ...