Thursday, 24 September 2015

Leeds Trip

I spent the night in Leeds two weeks ago on Friday evening; it came about as the Boyfriends Union has moved up to the North for their Union meetings for both convenience and finances savings. The only advantageous thing is I get to see different parts of the country, while they're debate and protect the rights of the public sector workers.

Leeds is about an hour and a half via train from my home city of Newcastle upon Tyne. Leeds is the largest town in The North and has prosperous from mining and textile industries fuelling the Britain’s Global Empire and the Victorian Industrial Revolution. As very typical of the North, after the decline of the textile and mining Industries caused a financial decline to the city, where regained its financial wealth through media and retail. Leeds is considered the best places outside of London for shopping.

Leeds is known for its vibrant music scene; it also had one of the most prominent Goth scenes outside London. Leeds is the home city of one most prominent Goth bands, The Sister of Mercy. Leeds University theme centred around and avant-garde art scene of fine art led to the creation of soft cell, progressive is popularising electronic. The corn exchange that is shopping for the alternative crowds if feature independent designers and specialist shops. They have one of the largest selections of the alternative night including the famous Wendy House.

Even in the 21st century where the alternative scene feels although it has declined, in Leeds.There appears to be a thriving goth scene with the formation of Leeds Gothic apperception Society in 2007, states “ to celebrate all aspects of Gothic culture, whether that be music, fashion, architecture, films, literature, art and performing arts, etc.” and help other Goth students meet up with people with similar interests. Last year, the was an event at celebrating thirty years of Goth.

The Day started with me peeping out of the window to observe the weather that was gloomy, and damp, typical Northern weather I went out to explore the city. My first port exploration was the Leeds Market, sells an array of crafty goodies, fabric, baking goodies, and card crafts. Leeds Market is the largest covered in Market in Europe. The market established in 1822, between 1850 and 1875 the building work began to covered market, and the architecture design was inspired by Crystal Palace located in London.

I found a fantastic fabric shop, which had an incredible selection of fabric and reasonable priced. I ended up purchasing a selection of Halloween fabric and pattern fabric, so pretty, and I plan to make a dress and will use the pattern below.

This unusual fabric pattern is designed to be cut to create# I've never seen this style of material.

I found this adorable black cat fabric, not sure what I want to with it yesterday.

I've been exploring new crafts and started making my own cards, I'm stocking up on Christmas decorations for my family for 50p.

I also bought.

I got a hair clip for £1

I found a fabric shop that sold sewing pattern for £3 and interested in making a tunic and leggings

After I regrouped with the BF to have a break and cuppa of tea, where we were discussing the group whole array of topics. The boyfriend headed to get his train back, where I stayed to explore more of the city.

I went to explore the Leeds minister, sadly, it was shut. I got some interesting photos of the minister.

I headed to the Leeds art gallery that had an impressive collection of Pre-Raphaelites paintings.

he last place I visited the oldest St John the Evangelist Church, built in 1634 and paid for by John Harrison, a wool merchant. The church adapts perpendicular Gothic style with decorated with battlements on the side of the roof and diagonal buttresses. The interior is far more Jacobean interior with white lime walls, and decorative ceiling. I found the most impressive were the carved figures in the corners of the roof with hermaphrodite figures and the carved figures on the ceilings.I even got cuppa and carrot cake muffin for a small donation during my visitor


  1. Looks like another really interesting trip, Leeds is a good city for a short break and a mooch. Though we drove there and the one way road system is beyond a nightmare, train is much more preferable!

    Love the fabrics and looks forward to seeing what you make :)

  2. Leeds is fun city, and I prefer to visit the Leeds for a day trip. I disappointed that my favourite Goth shop the Hippopotter mouse has disappeared.

    The fabrics were gem finds and we're so cheap to purchase, not sure what to with the cat fabric. I will post about it


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