Saturday, 1 August 2015

My Saturday gallivanting in Newcastle

I am so happy as it's a while since I've had a lie in, I was up from about 10. I went to Newcastle for a few messages. So I ended up in the Grainger Market, a Victorian market with small independent shops, selling various items. Once a month, they hold a craft market. I was walking past a stall selling bags, broaches key rings and other wonderful goodies. I enquired about a broach that I thought was a keyring. Evidently, the seller was in the process of making a key ring version, I purchased it and asked for a plain stomach.

 I loitered in Newcastle checking out the charity shop, I didn't find anything until the last one, I found a new pair of linen pants for work, and four Pocket Dragons for £13. I used to collect Pocket Dragons as a teenager, have about 100 of them, sadly they are all stored in my Mam's loft. I was amazed to find them, especially in reasonable condition. These were the ones I found: 

Here the final product, I'm  so happy with it,  just can't think of any names: 

If anyone is interested check out the website secret moon and FB page

I spent a sunny afternoon a with friends at bbq eating the most amazing burgers . 


  1. Yeap, I love them, the creator based them on his cat.

  2. Sounds like a lovely day out :)

    Jane (BTA)

  3. Yeap, it was very fun and great to have the decent weather for a bbq


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