Saturday, 1 August 2015

An uneventful life update.

My life has been busy over the last week, just not very exciting. Last weekend, I visited Alnwick for the night with boyfriends, and we stayed with his friends who lived close to the town Centre. So, I am hoping to post it soon.

I have been volunteering at the library again,  attending the knitting group, reorganising the Children's section and completing displays, etc. 

I have some exciting news about my job situation I don't want to post about at the moment in case I jinx it.

Bat fit is non-existing. However, I am finally finding a nice balance between work, interests, personal life and love life. I feel jubilant and content at the moment. The boyfriend has made some general remark regarding my weight, and after confirmation of my Mam's scales I weigh 12 stone, the heaviest I ever been, but I am concerned at the serious health implications especially my height of 5ft 1. I'm planning to eat sensibly and become more active. 

In a previous post,  I volunteered to produce a charity's newsletter for the  Tyne and Wear Branch. Invited to the President's Birthday luncheon, which was a lovely affair, meeting everybody. Partly resembling high tea with clotted cream scones,  tea being served from a teapot and using tea cups and saucer, it felt very proper, but fun and everybody was lovely. I was tasked to write an article about the event; I've been struggling how to structure it and execution of the article, However, everybody from the charity has been incredibly supportive. I'm aiming to finish next week. 


  1. LOL you are the same height as me!

  2. Yeap, I am below average height for a British women, I think it's to do with my Irish heritage. Yet, all the men on my mam's side are tall.

  3. I am part British, my grandma was from England so I guess it wasnt from her I got the shortness from


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