Sunday, 30 August 2015

Brighton Part 4

This is quite a random one I was hoping to go through a lengthy description of what I encountered. I couldn't think of  nothing  else to write, so I decided  to  post it despite being late.  

I  Started out exploring more of Brighton in the afternoon and planned to go the museum; on my way to it I passed a small, bizarre raising money for a local hospice. It was selling an array of home-made condiments, children's toys, books and jewellery.    

I ended up purchasing two bracelets for £1 each other and 50p for a pair of earring and had the label intact. 

The Museum 

On Museum located in the Pavilion Gardens opposite the Brighton's Pavilion. The building was originally built in 1802 - 04's; George IV stables commissioned William Porden to design and build the stable. Formerly, the museum began in 1861, housed in Brighton Pavilion, later outgrew the Pavilion and moved to the stables. In 1910, it featured an array of Impressionists artist. Monet, Cezanne, Degas, Matisse, and Gaugin. Recently the misuse has undergone over ten million renovations to restore the Pavilion ground improving the educational facilities.

 The museum consisted of mismatched exhibitions, of Brighton's history. The exposition included an Egyptology   Victorian and art deco collection of furniture, cultural and religious displays, a selection of portraits,  performance Gallery and my favourite a fashion exhibition.

The dress is faux Victoriana inspired created by Charles James, which was made for the Countess of Rosse's  to wear a ball in New York. The dress was featured in Vogue.  When first encountering the display I was fooled into believing the it was a Victorian ball gown and surprised to find out the date. 

I adored this dress and was beautiful, ethereal ascetic with the accent of Gothic inspiration with its black silk, lace and velvet bows.

The cape was designed by James Charles for the Countess of Rosse, and appropriately named the "spider wrap",  which is stunning something donned by Lilly Munster or Morticia Addams wardrobe.

My favourite exhibition; it display a range of clothing donated by different people linked with Brighton and Hove. The collection expands from the 17th century right up to early noughties. Exploring the evolution fashion over the years and its change, and remained a reflection of self-expressionism, at the time representing social values and cultural revolution. These are a selection of my favourite exhibitions.

The first outfit on the right was tradition Goth outfit from 1980's
The second outfit on the left is from late 1990's incorporated influence of the matrix and fetish scene.

This costume made from black floral silk in 1915 

The costume was made by a local seamstress Madam Hawkes in 1880. The elegant outfit was designed for high tea or strolling in the park. I love the rich, deep burgundy with rich silk taffeta would be a perfect outfit for Mina Harker to wear in a production of  Brams Stoker Dracula.

The museum had a collection of war propaganda posters - this was my favourite poster for personal reasons. During the second world, my maternal Gran worked as a gun Turner in munition factory. I stood there imagining her standing looking at the poster and feeling the desire to do patriotic duty to assist with the war. My Gran died when I was a teenager and post made her feel tangible.

Playing with squirrels 

After my visit to the museum, I walked around the Brighton Pavillion and noticed one of the security guards feeding the squirrel with peanuts, which incredibly entertaining along with attracting passersby to take photos. Usually, if I ever encountered squirrels the scamper off and avoid contact with humans. I assumed the security guard the regularly fed the squirrels, and it did offer a grand opportunity to get some decent pictures of the squirrels, as squirrels are sometimes too elusive to photograph. He even give me some peanuts to feed the squirrels which was fun.

Inverness Trip - Accommodation part 1

Last Week the Boyfriend surprised with a trip up to Inverness for a long weekend for my 27th birthday, I feel the big 30 ever looming over my head. Despite, travelling to Western and Eastern Europe, USA, Ireland and India to Goa. I’ve never explored my back yard. In geographical terms,  I 'm only 60 miles from the Scottish Border,  certainly, Scottish culture has influenced my part of the world. With they're a various lack of borders during the 14th and 16th century with fluxes of Border Reavers stealing  cattle from various family and clan disputes occurring over centuries. 

The main thing that has been influenced by the Scottish is the Geordie dialect that often uses common words and phrases associated with the Scottish. Words including  “Bonnie” referring to beautiful, “aye” meaning yes, I’m guilty of using this one, and “bens” meaning children. I am deferring from the post. Recently, I’ve been feeling extremely stressed and melancholy about my life, hence debating whether certain things are worth continuing or not. So, the trip was a lovely surprise, and what I’ve needed to relax,  

First to begin the series of the Inverness trip the hotel 

We stayed at Daviot Lodge family run B&B rate a five-star accommodation and has won numerous awards. The accommodation we stayed in was an extremely luxurious bed and breakfast that was about five miles outside Inverness city centre, but an ideal location to see all the local attractions. The location was a wonderful as we were a mile or two from the main road it was extremely quiet and it was ample for sleeping conditions with no intrusive sounds or lights. It's ideally located to have access to all the attractions. In the morning during breakfast, it was delightful to see the birds feeding in the garden with even a couple of partridges. Neither of the boyfriend or me drives; we had relied on taxi’s to get to Inverness.  The location was amazing being in the middle of nowhere, one night, I  was able to see the Northern Lights, unfortnaully it was cloudy but still impressive to see.


On first impressions, we were greeted by the hostess with a traditional Scottish welcome and orientation of the B&B necessaires. The entrance hall had quaint and homely with the red velvet Queen Anne style settee and chairs with a coffee table in-between, and on the table various magazines were spread on it relating to different themes about Scotland. In the corner was a faux fireplace with ornate black flower fire guard decorated with glasses on the fire gaud holding lit candles. The hallway was lain with a sumptuous purple and green tartan carpet adding to the Scottish theme. My favourite part of the hallways were the two teddies sitting on the chair, very cute. 

After a few pleasantries of conversations, the guest keeper showed us up to our room that would be home for the next four nights. On the way up we were shown a  tray where we could help ourselves to extra tea, coffee, snacks and real milk contained in a small fridge was an extra bonus my favourite Tunnock's tea cakes. Dome shaped chocolate cake filled with marshmallow and have a biscuit bottom.  During our small journey up to the room, I noticed all the rooms were named after Scottish locks. Led to a  door at the end of a corridor that had a ceramic McIntosh symbol in the centre of the door with Ness engraved into it underneath the symbol.  After a combination of stress and long five-hour journey on the train both me and the boyfriend felt exhausted and drained. Despite my boyfriend being  UK average height of 5ft 10 for his generation and having sufficient leg space, he still felt cramped up with an aching back

Upon entering the room, we entered a tastefully yet modern bedroom with a colour palate of cream, golden ochre and natural wood painted in dark pine, which made the room feel comfortable with a homely charm. In the centre was a large comfortable dark leather brown bed covered in an opulent golden jacquard patterned bedding, we both tested the bed, it's one of the most comfortable beds I’ve slept in.  On a chest of light, oak drawers in the centre of the wall with an assortment Croft Sherry held in a glass decanter and glasses served on a silver tray with paper doily underneath. Three small candles in a row were lit adding and creating a romantic ambience. In the corner was a small tray of a travel kettle and various crockery and snacks of orange flavour shortbread to accompany the beverage. 

No doubt I'll get in troube for posting this lol, never mind. The boyfriend comfy in bed.

he bathroom was small and compact but it managed to accommodate a shower and the bathroom needs.  The B&B provided with a range of bathroom toiletries that felt the luxurious quality and had a beautiful smelling without being overpowering. The scents were of reminiscing of the beachside my favourite was the kelp shampoo and shower gel   

The bonus was breakfast included in the price in comparison to another place that charge for overpriced breakfasts with dubious quality. Breakfast orders were submitted the previous night before 10:30 pm, which was a reasonable request as our hosts liked to retire about that time. There was ample choice on the menu; I chose altered between salmon and kippers, I love fish and chose the scrambled eggs. The breakfast was freshly cooked with all the ingredients locally sourced; the breakfasts were very tasty and excellent, good quality. The cooked breakfast were reasonable portioned but with the selection of fruit, yoghurt, cereals and toast filled me up for the day. There were wide selections of high-quality teas, and the coffee was genuine coffee, a Columbian fair trade blend. 

One my favourite aspects about the bed & breakfast used either Fairtrade or local source items for everything they did which added to the high quality, and to the nostalgia of the b&b that added to 

Overall, I loved staying in this B&B everybody made us feel as though we were more like friends than guests staying in the B&B. Also what I found amazing was that the hosts offered us a lift into a few places after we were quoted obscene prices to go somewhere in a taxi. They offered to pick us up if the got stuck anywhere that to me was beyond customer service and very grateful for their time and efforts. I loved everything about the B&B felt the owners went more than out of their way to accommodate us, which is something I've rarely encountered. I loved the homely and relaxed atmosphere. I would highly recommend this place and would love to go back. 

UpdateI've added my own pictures. and removed most of souce photoes. 

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Happy First Birthday

Well, I can't believe it, I am celebrating my first year of blogging. It's been an exciting year with lots of ups and downs; I am so excited to be celebrating my baby's first year. I feel as though it's gone so quick and simultaneously felt such a long time. I am grateful to my followers and people who take their time to read it. 

I've found this blog has helped me enormously in so many ways and assisted me in discovering the potential for a talent I never thought I had, or find the enjoyment in reading and writing. Also, I feel as though I have met some interesting people through blog sphere. 

I know in my last post, I was under considerations to continue with the blog, I am still undecided about  the long-term future, but at least for the short term I'll continue to blog. When it comes down to the reality, I've achieved far more than my original goal for the blog. 

Anyway after, 3,834 views and 65 posts readers from countries like from Saudia Arabia, North Korea, Russia, India, Côte d’Ivoire , Isreal, Singapore, Philippines, Ukraine, Finland, China, Germany, Poland,USA, Canada,Thailand, Malasia, France, Spain Ireland, and Many other countries, I can't remember
I'm off to finds the Northern Lights during my last night in Inverness

Thursday, 20 August 2015

To blog or to delete, that be the question

Over the last few week, I've been contemplating whether to continue with the blog or to  close it down. The doubt gremlins have been creeping back into my head. Unfortunately, I'm succumbing to their influences with whirling thoughts and manipulation.  As my blog reaches its first birthday, I feel as though I should fort ahead and set the gremlins on fire eradicating them to the void of nonsense.

Recently, I've found myself going into a depression and melancholy state considering the amount work I put into my blog if it’s worth continuing since only a few people read it. I am just having these thoughts spinning in my head and with doubts about whether my writing skills are up to par, or my content is uninteresting to read or the validity of my experiences.

The second option to purge the gremlins with an imaginary fire hose and to forge on with the blog. For me, my blog is my baby as I created it, and I’ve worked hard to cultivate it and would be interesting to see how it develops.  I do owe a debt to my blog because it’s helped me through some rough times last year and has given me focus and discipline. Not only that, it's given me the confidence to write and honed these skills. I’ve learned that sometimes with only a few well-chosen words need to be selected to say what I want rather than writing unnecessary words.

Personally, I am not sure what do at the moment, but for the foreseeable future; I will strive on to grow and develop my blog.  I am a tenacious bugger and will not give up without a fight. At times, I guess, everybody feels that way about their blogs at times and question their motives and doubt if it's worth continue.

Thank you to my followers, I appreciate you all and to anyone reads my blog, especially to two my blogger buddies, Little Corp Goth girl and breakinangel

Saturday, 15 August 2015

New satchel finally represents my lunacy

Last night after finishing work, I decided to stroll through the shopping centre to avoid the heavy rain and prevent from becoming a drenched rat.  I passed a bag shop, wandered in and browsed at the various satchels. Over the last few years, I've noticed the passing trend for satchel bags with bright, bold, patterns, often with owls used in the patterns. Personally, I'm not one for feminine types of handbags, despite there are so many beautiful ones available, I carry so much crap,  I prefer using a backpack or bags with long straps 

After browsing, I was lured in by a black pattern satchel with crazy multi-colourful owls attempting to look inconspicuous with their beady black eyes indirectly looking at me while perched on a bright yellow moon. The unusual pattern and price of £10 convinced me to purchase it. 

I didn't like the brown trim on the bag or the bottom. So last night, I gave a quick it a makeover, with various comments from the boyfriend describing my insanity and madness for altering it. However, my attempts appear to be another part my lunacy characteristics to him but never realises my loathing of anything of the brown spectrum and memories it conjures. Besides, it looks better all I did was use black duct tape for the bottom and coloured in the brown trim with a black permanent marker.  Quick tip, permanent marker  is great for any small marks apparent on black garments or  fixing up PVC bags. 


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