Saturday, 11 July 2015

My style and possibly future outfit posts.

I rarely post about my outfits I do intend to do them, but often I forget to ask someone to take pictures of me.  I usually end up getting the boyfriend to take photos, yet despite his brilliant talents, he's not the best at taking photos.  I was playing about with my camera last night and discovered how to set the self-timer, but unfortunately limiting my time to set up my pose, haha.

I undoubtedly will be posting more outfit posts in the future, but only the interesting or worthwhile ones. My primary uniform consists of jeans and long sleeved t-shirts, which is boring to post about. By no means do I consider myself the muse of gothic inspiration or revolutionary stylnista; I find my style to be a simple and very somber in comparison to the other Gothic bloggers displaying more adventurous tastes. My fondness for charity shop boutique has fuelled most of my outfits, and  I draw inspiration from a combination of utilitarian, diy, trad and ethereal goth.

Ethereal goth is best summed up by  STRIPY TIGHTS AND DARK DELIGHTS, comparing to other styles is a more wearable and practical toned down style. Incorporating more basic clothing and a less dramatic make-up utilizing a more natural tone palette of eye shadows accompanied by simple eyeliner makeup.

In rainy England, has been experiencing unusual hot and humid weather which meant rummaging through my wardrobe for summer clothing. Typically entailing cardigans, vest tops, maxi skirts and short dresses with leggings, so not exciting but comfortable enough to remain cool. I always wear nude colour eyeshadow with eyeliner and a small amount of peach blush.

 During the winter, I adore wearing my biker boots, and I desire to wear long skirts with jumpers; I rarely wear them due laziness and comfort I opt for pants. My height of  5ft one makes it's impossible for me to find skirts to complement both my height and colossal backside. I prefer to make my skirts as I can tailor to fit,  I always tend to indulge  purchasing jacquard fabrics costing  £10 - £20 per metres.

A few weeks ago, I weighed myself on the scales and found out I've ballooned up to 11.8 stones or 165.2 pounds. I am shocked at my weight, but not surprised considering my non-existing healthy diet and a sedentary lifestyle. Since I am a pear shape,  most of  the weight distributes around my hips, thighs and my stomach.  It explains why my clothing is pinching my gigantic keister.

On Thursday, it was a beautiful summer day, I was volunteering at the library, and I wore my favourite dress.   I've had it for three years, I found in a charity shop in Ireland in small town Bantry for 3 euros and from Primark. It is a military dress shirt made from thick cotton; I love wearing this, especially during the summer with leggings. My leggings are from Primark for £3 and my favourite shoes by Red or Dead, Jade. These are the comfiest shoes I've ever to worn, and my mam continually comments  about them resembling Easter shoes she bought for my older brother.

I would love to hear comments from my wonderful followers if you'd be interested in more outfit posts.


  1. If you want to do outfit posts. go for it! I would love to see more!

  2. Thanks for your support, I think I will .

  3. ARGH!!!! Blogger deleted my much longer comment from my Wordpress account.

    You look lovely, don't let the weight gain get to you and post pictures of great outfits :)

  4. PS...this is Jane from Breaking the Angel :)

  5. Yay, Jane, it's so great to hear from you. Thanks for the kind comments, I do feel my clothing is pinching my lower bottom. I feel half my battle is an issue of confidence and finding my writer's voice, which I've only found in the last few months.


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