Sunday, 19 July 2015

Last Monday

I intended to publish this last Monday, and I forgot to, also last week has been hectic. Monday consisted of volunteering at Sunderland Raod library in the morning, and I usually attend the knitting group in the afternoon.  I've taken up knitting again, however, my second attempt has been easier; casting on and learning purl knit, I forgot about how therapeutic and enjoyable knitting can be. 

Recently the library have been put forward to take part of a national initiative organized by a telecommunications company BT and Barclay's a banking institution, working together to install wi-fi in public building in  deprived areas. The libraries demographic area is one of the typical areas with most of the service users using the computers for  job searches and t of retired pensioners who come to borrow books.  

Last Monday one of the other volunteers had mentioned there was a conferences call regarding the scheme taking place at 2 pm that afternoon, so they debating whom would take the call, I volunteered to do it. It felt like a rushing whirlwind as I had a limited time to prepare. I found taking the call informed me and a better understanding of the scheme. The call itself was mostly discussing the provision of the press release material and offered people an opportunity to ask any questions. I had to email the library's chairman about the conference call.

My outfit.

I feel the outfit was smart yet casual but also comfortable to wear as it's been extremely humid in the UK.  All that's missing is the glass chain my boyfriend brought me because I keep dropping my glasses. It's a personal joke between the two us as it makes look like a librarian from the previous time I volunteering at the library.

My outfit is mostly from the charity shop finds:
  • My cardigan by Betty Jackson, Debenhams for £3.50 from PDSA 
  • Linen skirt, Hobbs, £4.50 Age Concern 
  • Vest top Primark £3.50 
  • New necklace from a church fete for £1. 
  • My comfy mary janes, Red or Dead, Jade, £55 Schuh 


  1. Thanks hun, this is my normal summer uniform.Lol

  2. I have skirt envy :) Definitely bargain for a Hobbs item.

    Jane (BTA)

  3. Hobbs is one of my favourite stores but it's so expensive. I bought a couple of cardigans for £50.


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