Sunday, 26 July 2015

Goth it up, file.

I know my DIY, projects are naff in comparison to the Queen of DIY, Bane of GIY; Goth It Yourself. I've followed Bane's Blog indirectly for a couple of years and certainly, it has provided me with much inspiration for projects. I especially love her use of black, grey and purple and decorative patterns. Despite many of my projects being naff,  I do enjoy posting about them and feel it adds an extra dimension to my blog. 

Last week, I bought a hot pink file to organise my backpack, carry my A4 notepad, and protect my plastic wallet with papers in preventing damage. I got this from pound-land surprisingly for a £1. The bright pink is garish for my tastes, yet  it was the only colour I preferred.

I covered the file in my favourite sticky back plastic from Hobby craft, I've used this so many in times, as I've had a lot left over. I first covered the side flaps separately in sticky back plastic. I cut a piece long enough to cover the file;  I took off the back, and I placed the file on the sticky side. Cut around the edges leaving enough of an edge.   


 After covering the file,  I decided I didn't like the white interior of the file and painted it lilac with paint I had left over. 

I thought and attempted to cover the file in PVC glue and water. I found once the glue ended up spoiling the overall finish of the file, so. I've been slowly picking the glue off the file and prefer this look. Also, I'm considering getting some interesting black tape and placing it over the folding edge to neaten up the sticky back edges.


  1. I love that paper :) I must search Hobbycraft for it!

  2. Yeap, it my favourite stuff and half of my stationary covered in it.

  3. Yeap, it my favourite stuff and half of my stationary covered in it.


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