Friday, 3 July 2015

Cheap skate canvas

This is a quick post, I dunno if the height of good sun rays that my part of the world is enjoying and subsequently, I am absorbing sufficient amounts of  vitamin D; I am feeling combination of pure joy, creativity, thriftiness and nibbling fingers aching to something crafty.

Anyway getting back on track, I've made a quick canvas that it took about twenty minutes to do, and I've used sticky tape to hold the wallpaper onto the canvas,I found fiddly to do .  By no means is this the height of my craftiness or skill, I love the lazy man's craft. Yet who cares as it's fulfilled my needs to create,  and I've a fantastic new canvas picture for £1.09 that was for the canvas. 

Sometime last winter I had a charity shop expedition to the lovely Whitley Bay, also near the residence of the most wonderful Breakin Angel. Whitley Bay is a beautiful little sea town about eight miles from Newcastle, it has the most wonderful beach where I spent a lot of many my school holidays.

Anyway, while wandering around, I came across a decorating shop had a book of last seasons wallpaper samples, I'm  assuming. It had a note attached stating free, please feel to take, so I selected my favorites with the intention of mounting it on a canvas. Like many of my projects that end up being left for ages. I finally complete it.

I am going to put it on the wall above my bed I'm so excited, this is the height of my exciting and glamorous life, not.


  1. Oooh pretty! I got to do something like that :)

  2. Thanks. It's a great project to do as you end up with something you want.
    Sometimes, I cannot find what I want in the shops


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