Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Gothing up my tablet case

In May, I was mooching around the tech aisle in Asda and eying up the Samsung tablets on sale; I wanted to replace my current one that worked brilliantly as a Kindle, but it was basic with only a couple hours of battery life.  I bought the Samsung Tab 4 for £120, indeed a superfluous purchase, yet operates more efficiently in comparison to the old one and the battery lasts much longer. I am happy to say the old tablet was donated to a very grateful individual who benefited more than I did as I detest throwing anything that still works.

I ordered a case from eBay for the tablet that was a great bargain price, the front of was plain, boring and needed jazzing up. I had some gothic patterned sticky back plastic that I used for another post as a decal for my netbook, DIY: Netbook Decal 

1. I traced around the case to get the outline for the pattern because of the awkward shape I only partially covered the front and side of the case.

2. I applied the backing on the front and wiped the front to ensure a flush finish, and trimmed to neaten the edges of the case front. 

This took less than five minutes to complete it's a great little project to excite or revamp any item.   

I love the final finish, and it coordinates great with my netbook, it looks great. 


  1. oooh nice case. Enjoy the new tablet

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  3. Thanks Hun, I love it now, more me now


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