Monday, 4 May 2015

Nightmare hair and no tights.Great night out at the Mini Mayfair

I've done another post about me, and the boyfriends exploit at the Mini Mayfair. I think I've done at least two or three posts on the MMF Places of the Interest Newcastle and Gateshead: The City Hall - Mini Mayfair and Good Night Out. I'm feeling as though my blog is transforming more into the alternative nightlife blog for Newcastle since my recent posts have been reviews on local nightlife involving me being inebriated. However, I guess blogs are about our personal perspectives and interactions of the world.  Enough of my ramblings and finally for the titled post.

Me and the boyfriend have missed the mini for a couple of months due to each other feeling either ill or tired. I had an amazing night despite my outfit turning out to be a disaster.

During last year, I've developed a level of confidence where I'd  visit rock clubs wearing walking boots, a comfy jumper and combats. I no longer cared what I looked like, but  I was more concerned with enjoying myself. Since last year, I've lost that confidence, and it does creep out occasionally if I'm merry. I am rambling on, oh yeah, back to the post.

The night began with me unable to find any tights at the BF's, so I had to make do with thighs length socks resembling something from Pippy Longstockens wardrobe. Conveniently the socks were in my local football teams colours of black and white.  We hoped on the bus and walked through town being seen publicly in a PVC mini skirt with thigh-length socks. Whilst walking my socks kept rolling down to my knees, so I continually pulled them up. Fortunately, Tescos were open, and staff were preparing to shut, so I purchased tights with glee. As soon, we entered the MMF, and I dashed into the ladies toilets to change. I walked passed a mirror realising I looked like a mess. My hair turned into an afro; my attempt to create high impact Goth eyes failed miserably, and my outfit only highlighted the extra weight I've gained. I felt tremendously disappointed, but I realised nothing was salvageable and thought stuff it I'm going to enjoy myself.        

The night began incredibly, arriving at 10 o'clock  and with Ample room  and with 

Beastie Boys - (You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party)

 Dance the line-up began included

Stevie Nicks - Edge of Seventeen 

Hearts - Barracuda  

After requesting Warlock, which never get plays, yet they do play something by Dora Pesch and my first request was played - Sisters of Mercy Dominion, fantastic.

About midway point into the night they had a selection of nu metal 

Disturbed - Down With The Sickness 

Rob Zombie Living Dead Girl,

System of a Downs - Chop Sui

The DJ's decided to bring the crowd back eighties with The Cult- She Sells Sanctuary.

Over the last year of being with the boyfriend, we have developed our routine while attending the MMF As we enjoy dancing together, but as individuals we both have our own in music tastes. Individually we venture off to the dance floor by ourselves, as we mutually understand the need to get up favourite songs. 

The DJ's played a song unfamiliar to both of us, yet sounded exceptionally like Sisters of Mercy. TBF commented, "there nothing like a gothy song to clear the dance floor" lol. The MMF is mainly a general rock night with a selection from the late 70 through to the early noughties it tends play more generic rock. We got up to dance as it had been a while since there was space to dance but the song sounded decent. After 11 pm the MMF gets crowded, notably on the dance floor leaving limited room to move, and that dancing in a small area.

The night ended with the final dance with me forcing encouraging him on to dance floor for Bon Jovi's Its My Life.  I love this song; I became excited and started jumping to the chorus "it's my life". The DJ's trying to get the patron exit the premises. The sneakily played  hope, and then DJ sneaking playing Pink Floyd's Higher Hopes


  1. Hahh, I love the way you phrased this post, it made me imagine myself and my boyfriend going out and dancing, which is quite an unprobable, it's not happening. Ever. ^^

    I also prefer comfort over getting all dolled up for a party, because I get extremely frustrated if my clothes are uncomfy. Plus I'm bad at make up, too...:)

  2. Thanks lol. Hopefully you had a good laugh. Lol. I remember reading your an introvert, so i can understand your reason not going dancing. Ilove dancing so does the boyfriend At time sitting in my pjs and watching tv is far more appealing.

    I totally agree about being comfy, I' m amazingly luckly as boyfriend would rather me look like crap and be comfy. He pretty much same about as me. I remember reading your blog post with old Goth pictures on you looked stunning. As your comfortable with yourself that what counts


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