Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Brighton part 1

Currently, I am on holiday in Brighton and planning to do a series of posts about my trip. It's my first time visiting Brighton, and it somewhere I've wanted see. It came about a few months ago the Boyfriend asked if I fancied going down to Brighton. Every year he travels down to attend his annual conference and suggested that room was already payed for, so I elatily agreed to the opportunity

We left Newcastle at 1:50 pm by train arrive at Brighton for 6:15 pm. It was 10 minutes walk to the hotel.

My first thoughts

Brighton does have a fusion of traditional sea resort feeling with its pier and Victorian illuminations on a night on the sea front. The town resembles a mixture of  Bath, Bristol, and York because of its combination of architecture, seaside taverns, medieval streets and, Regency Georgian buildings.  It does have an alternative, Boeheim, and free spirit atmosphere captured by the mixture of people and array of colorful buildings . I 'm looking forward to exploring for the next

The Accommodation

The hotel is in a prime location for everything TB booked a Travel Lodge, a generic brand of Hotel that do no frills accommodation. It's about thirty seconds walk to the sea front and opposite the Brighton conference centre for him. The accommodation is basic and clean with a big comfy bed, a tv, shower and importantly a kettle.  I am struggling to get a tethering connection and refused to pay for the expensive WiFi. The only place to get a decent signal is in the bathroom. Currently, I'm suffering a bout of  insomnia and trying to avoid disturbing the boyfriend so, I'm sitting typing my post in the bathroom

After inquiring about the cost for the extortionate  breakfast and adhering to TB's advice about the inferior Breakfast. Fortunately, Weatherspoons do a decent breakfast  for £3 and is a minutes walk from the hotel.

After arriving at the Hotel, we dumped our bags and chilled out for a bit before searching for food. We debated whether  to have pizza or my craving for burgers

Finding Food

While exploring the town, we ended up passing a Vietnamese place named, Poh. I love oriental food but never tried Vietnamese before, and both of us settled on the restaurant. We ordered a starter of prawn crackers. I chose Bun: vermicelli noodles, including lemongrass, fresh herbs, I think it was mint, and served with peanuts, I hate peanuts and requested for them to be removed. There was a selection of choice to accompany the noodles. Usually I would of choose prawns, I felt adventurous  and ordered the nem nuong pork balls. I don't know how to describe the taste is an interesting combo of mint, lemon grass, olive oil, pork meatballs and veg roll.


Afterwards, we met with TB's colleagues and friends for drinks and visited various pubs around the lanes. It was useful as I became familiar with the lanes

 The Arches a prehistoric cave theme, and upon entering the venue, there was painting on the wall that  captured my attention. I love the ethereal subject and uses of colours, stunning


  1. I was in Brighton once, but it was MANY years ago. Is there a place called the Pavilion there were royalty used to live and that you can tour through?

    Having insomnia in a hotel room and trying not to wake your partner up is tough!

  2. Yeap the Pavilion still here. I 've walked past it a few times and planning to visit this afternoon. It was built as a summer home by George the vI who was prince regent at time and as his Father went mad .

    It's nightmare as I am up with the larks and he sleeps till the afternoon, but unfortunaly he is a light sleeper everything disturbs him. The bathroom does get the best signal.

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