Sunday, 24 May 2015

Brighton Part 3

Tuesday Morning 

Fabric Finds

This morning I explored the town center and went on a charity shop hunt, but to no avail I didn't find anything, apart from fabric. I found an a fabric store, containing a treasure-trove of cloth; purchased material for a total of £5.50. I plan to make a skater style skirt and a fairy tutu skirt for clubbing out of the material

New Hair Cut

On a spur of the moments decision,  I decided to get my hair trimmed. I passed a hairdresser's advertising haircuts for £9. Considering it's been over a year since my hair was cut, and my hair is driving me nuts with it state. So, I gathered my courage and went, usually I avoid hairdressers like the bubonic plague they usally cut my hair far too short.
New hair cut 

Brighton Pavilion 

Background Information

The Pavilion was built in three stages, building commenced in 1787 and commissioned by George the Prince Regent, as a Seaside Retreat and pleasure palace. Also, he discreetly indulged his long term affair with Maria Fitzherbert.

George was invited to stay with his Uncle, Duke of Cumberland's Residence in Brighton. They both shared a passion for gambling, arts, indulging in exquisite cuisine and a passion for women. But the Prince's was advised about the benefits of Brighton's sea water to improve the effects of Gout.

George stayed in a Farmhouse overlooking the Steine, a grassy area used as a promenade. In 1787, George hired Henry Holland, who designed Carlton House the Prince's residence in London. Holland extended the building on both sides and the design incorporating breakfast, Library, and a dining room, which utilized a French Neoclassical style.

In 1801- 02 the Prince commissioned Holland's employee Peter Fredrick Robinson to design,  build a conservatory and a new dining room. In 1803- 08, the Prince purchased surrounding land to build a stable and riding school.  Designed by William Porden, was inspired by Islamic and Indian architecture.

The third stage of building the Prince commissioned John Nash to renovate the Pavilion between 1815 to 1822, using Indian – Islamic exterior. Fredrick Crace and Robert Jones designed an elaborate oriental interior. As the Prince got older and became incapacitated, he reduced his stays to Brighton.

In 1830, George died and his elder Brother, William IV enjoyed his stays at the Pavilion. Queen Victoria and Prince Albert admired the building but dislike the lack of family privacy it offered. In 1845, the government planned to sell the property off. However the Brighton Commission and Vestry petitioned the Government to sell them the property in 1850 for £53,000. Before the sale, the Queen had removed many of items from the Palace but returned them in 1860. The pavilion became the town's public place used for concerts, Bazaars, hall, the Towns first library, and even a flea circus.

During and after the first world war the building was converted into a Military Hospital for wounded Indian Army Soldiers. It treated over 2,300 people, held two operating rooms and 720 beds. The hospital catered for all culture and religious diversities of the soldiers.

 In 1916, the hospital reopened catering for the needs of limbless British Soldiers, who lost limbs through amputation or during battle. The hospital offered rehabilitation by providing training and skilled trades for the men. In 1920,  the property was handed over back to Brighton cooperation.
(Wikipedia 2015).

While walking around the building,  offered an insight to  George IV, who enjoyed the fantastical, loved theatrical performances and a passion for impressing guests. The rooms also highlight a man out of touch with reality, who was pompous and over indulgent. At the time of his rule, the British Empire was developing and expanding into an Empire, so the use of oriental design may suggest he saw himself as Emperor of the World. Certainly through the gorgeous sumptuous and whimsical rooms would of impressed and awestruck guests believing they were transported into an orient  I think the opulence would have caused guests to become get envious .  The building made George VI feel more tangible through objects he used and touch capturing a residue his essence. 


My favorite part of the Pavilion was the carved dragon supporting the chandelier in the grand dining room. The dragon looks as though it's flying in the dining room, and malevolently observing the feast, preparing to lunge down and pounce on the feast for food. Certainly with its mouth opened and red snake tongue hanging out suggesting its growing appetite. I adore the color of the dragon and curving body adds life to the creature. According to the audio guide the dragon was designed by John Nash surprisingly carved from wood, and 30ft long painted in silver leaf.

Pavilion Gardens

A person could think they are no longer in the cold rainy climate of England but transported into India with George's Mogul folly and garden capturing the imagination. The only thing missing was sitar music and peacocks.  The pavilion was my favorite part of Brighton; I enjoyed the exotic atmosphere of the Pavilion gardens with the array of colorful native British flowers and palm trees. I enjoyed basking in the warm sunshine and forgot the troubles of the world.

Brighton Pier 

 I strolled down to Brighton Pier, which is a typical British seaside games, fruit machines, penny platforms, teddy grabbers, horse racing games, and video games; reminding me of childhood summer holidays to Cornwell and Devon. I walked through the arcade and played a couple of games with  loose change in my purse.

The game involves slotting pennies into slots, the penny  drops onto a moving platform.The coin should drop down force other coins to move and drop to a lower platform and that coin should loosen the other coins from the edge of the second platform and the coins are dropped into the tray for the winner to collect.  Sadly the gods didn't favor me, but it was a bit of fun. 

I continue to the fairground that was closed because of the extreme winds, or I would have gone on a few of the rides. At 26 years old, I'm still only six years old, I enjoyed browsing and watching the birds glide on the wind. I brought a couple trinket from a shop; I purchased a Voodoo witch and stick of Liquorish rock for TB. Before I left, I got my fortune read by great Zoltar advised, "hard work pays off, and so, does Laziness. Lol". 

My Outfit 

  Cardigan - Charity shop 
Dress - charity shop 
Leggings - Primark 
Boots - Next 

Saturday, 23 May 2015

My First Ale and Cider Festival

On Wednesday, the 15 of April something important happened I lost my virginity, but not in a sexual way. I finally attended my first Beer and cider festival;  it was spectacular trying out a whole array of proper ciders. The boyfriend has been counting down the days since last June, and wanting me to attend. The lucky sod even booked holidays to get drunk to take full advantage of the festival and taste the various craft beers. Unfortunately, with starting my new job it's wasn't going to be appropriate to take time off to get drunk with my boyfriend   I mean share in the merriment of the festivities.

The Boyfriend is an avid lover of real ales and traditional beers; he's also a regular patron to beer festivals across the North East of the England where he likes to sample the different choices on draught. Unfortunately, I hate beer and lagers they make cringe. I'm still searching for the elusive one who doesn't make me gag after a few sips. There is one that comes close to it, which was a Korean grape beer. I can't remember the name of it, despite the description of the beer it tasted more like fizzy sweet white wine.

Personally, I love ciders and tend to stick to the generic branded ciders such as Aspers, Woodpeckers and Stella Artois Cidre. On occasions I've tried the proper traditional ciders, they're deliciously potent, as I easily succumb to alcohol's  influence. I tend get drunk fairly easy and have to limit myself to half pint, or attempt to stagger home, but usually end up going around in a circles.

The festival was an exciting event with a variety of friendly and eccentric people from all walks of life all focused on enjoying the brew. This Year's Festival was Newcastle's 39th festival and held at Northumbria's Student Union. The venue is an excellent choice for the building large enough to accommodate the crowds and facilities to cater for food, which is critical if you're drunk. The location was superbly chosen, conveniently located near public transport and out the way so not hassled by yobs.

There is a limited amount of information available to described how the Festival came into existence, so I emailed to the festival's organisers. And received a prompt response from the Chairman Ian Branch, states, that over forty years ago the CAMRA branch for the North East of England was established in 1976 . CAMRA started in 1971 by four people who were disappointed by the poor quality of alcohol being forced onto consumers. Brewers had turned away from using traditional methods of producing and fermenting beer in a cask giving its flavoursome and delicious taste. CAMRA in March 1971 created Campaign for the Revitalisation of Ale. The first Newcastle Beer and cider festival started in 1976 as a way of campaigning and promoting people the opportunity to try traditional.  Originally the festival was held on the Newcastle Key side and has been home at the University for four years,  volunteers oversee the running of the local CAMRA branch. Over its time, it's offered over 20,000 ales and 4,500 ciders and perry ciders. The event took place on Wednesday 15th of April and commenced over four days finishing on Saturday.


Wednesday afternoon was mainly for the CAMRA members, and according to the boyfriend and his mates the proper drinkers to sample a variety of ales, beers and ciders first. After six, the venue opened the doors to the general public.  I found it alien because it was my firsts time at the festival.  I had to pay three pounds entry, two-pounds refundable deposit for a glass, as long the glass was returned, and purchase tokens to buy beer, which to me is baize. You find a lot of bartenders are exceptionally knowledgeable and friendly allow you to sample to the drink before ordering, there were a few beverages you aren't sample due to the price. During my time at the festival, I reviewed the ciders I drunk. 

On Wednesday was an exciting night, as the conversation. It began with discussing crafts with The Boyfriends' mates who do incredible embroidery, sewing, knitting and paper craft, place into picture frames.  We each showed photographs of what we had completed craft items and  I drank. The conversion carried on as we discussed jobs and a surprising love of European metal. Wednesday was the quiet night as the

 I sampled the following ciders and reviewed on my Facebook page 
  • Black rat - exceptionally sweet Perry cider non-carbonate, pale greenish yellow colour. Very smooth to drink and fruity taste exceptional sunny day cider 
  • Crazy goat - very cloudy cider- very soft and sweet perry slight sharp after taste. On first taste strongly perfumed and fruity - feel great for the winter 
  • Sheppy - medium cider pale golden yellow colour and well-balanced medium apple taste, tremendously smooth and sharp after taste 
  • Broadoak - Moonshine - very soft and gorgeous to drink. The guy serving it describes as a girl cider. Very sweet with strawberry taste and liquid after taste 

Thursday was best and most entertaining night because there was the unofficial silly hat theme.  The most silliest hat went to one of the volunteers who donned styrofoam plate with two pork pies attached either side of it, sadly I forgot to take a picture.

 It began with me meeting the boyfriend in a tipsy happiness state (I hoping the boyfriend doesn't read this. ) commonly found after drinking. I met bars to procure food. I met his work colleagues who were hysterical and revealed the going events during the occasional  London meetings, included agendas, the nights out after the meeting, involve fags and intoxication, not surprised. Lol, His colleagues reassuring me TB didn't have an another woman in London.

After introductions the food came, the Boyfriend ordered pizza that resembled more of  Undercooked pie slice of meat and veg on, where he regretfully looked my burger realising he made a mistake. The burger was reasonable and cooked rare, I think due to bar catering for the overwhelming customer.

On Thursday TB's mates offered me a piece as joke, I should have known better, but they did advise me take a small piece. That's when the fun began, after eating a minuscule piece of the world's hottest chocolates appropriately named Scorpion Death Chilli Chocolate. I Imagined that the chillis were gathered from hell's garden as the chocolate incinerated my mouth.

Thursdays I tasted the most nauseating cider I had ever tasted in my life, Wallace 1305, tasted as though it had been brewed in  1305. My Facebook cider review.;

It's a bit like some ex's, seems like a good idea at the time. According to the Boyfriends, faces cringingly bad. Another opinion is, smells and resembles atrocious homemade cider that went off. It looks like a survive Urine infection requiring antibiotics. Immensely cloudy. Tastes like sick backwash and making me feel nauseous.

I felt ill and  couldn't face any more cider. TB took pity on me and brought me some lemongrass white chocolate, which was beautiful perfume taste with lemon grass and contrasting sweet chocolate. I felt revived after eating the chocolate the delicious chocolate, had some healing properties.

Thursday's Cider Reviews 
  • Cider can't remember the name - more of a honey liquor, v sweet, smooth with a slight alcoholic with glucose taste
  • Two trees - a beautiful light amber colour beautifully smooth and sweet with an accompanying soft fruity taste

By the end of Friday I had enough of drinking and in comparison to Wednesday night the venue became too crowded and loud, the festival had lost all of its appeals. I left by 7:30 there not telling to say about Friday night apart from stocking up on more delicious Lemongrass white chocolate and scoffing most of it before get back home.

  • Sequel pig - cloudy, medium ochre, very sweet glucose with grainy aftertaste
  • Ampleforth Abbey - weird taste leaves making a slight tingling feel. It's very mild strawberry, small lemon and sherbet taste
  • Devon Scrumpy - lightly cloudy amber, medium cider with a hint of sweet apples with a minor hint of bitter citrus flavour

Friday, 22 May 2015

Brighton Part 2

On Monday, I had planned to start off early, I change my plans because I wasn't feeling great and walked up to boots for medication.   I passed Weatherspoons and noticed a mutable friend of mine and The Boyfriends drinking coffee I went in, ended having breakfast together and chatted about general stuff.

By the time TB and I were organised we grabbed a cup of coffee from Cafe Revolution, I ordered a fruit smoothie and carrot cake (my favourite) was moist and creamy. TB and  I departed ways, and  I went off to explore the lanes.

The Lanes 

The Lanes is a maze of narrow alleyways and a mismatch of historic buildings spanning from Tudor to Mock Georgian styles. The streets resemble Diagon Alley from Harry Potter. The Lanes are one of the older parts of Brighton. East street goes back to the 14th century. Formerly the Town was known as Hempshates, a tiny fishing town with open fields where fishermen grew hemp for nets until re-developed in the 16th and 17th century. Brightonhelmston, above the cliff was washed away by the sea creating demand for property Captin Tattersil saw the prospective demand, bought up the property cheaply and financed the building.

Captin Tattersil was able to pay the construction due to his relationship with Charles II. The captain developed his relationship after assiting him escape to France for a fee of £200. After the restoration of monarchy Charles always remembered that and rewarded Tattrsil accordingly.

In the 18th Century town again expanded due to becoming the summer home of George IV and popularity of Brighton sea by Dr Richard Russel of Lewis promoting the health benefits of Brighton's sea water. ( George Aitchison ).

The Lanes were ok to browse, but it was the more upmarket part of Brighton with expensive boutiques far from my budget. It contained the generic shops you find everywhere. However, some character of the pubs are fantastic.

North Laine
N'Laine started life as a farming land were divided into plots and tracks ran parallel to the plots. With the expansion of Brighton in the 19th century saw the tracks became surrounded by streets resulting in land becoming developed. In 1840, Brighton got the railway station Brighton brought tourism and further development. During the 19th century, North Laine transformed into a slum and was notorious for its poverty, insalubriousness, sub-standard living conditions and abattoirs.  Pimlico slum, specifically Orange Street had the most cramped living conditions with 130 sharing 17 houses. In 1860, the area was regenerated and demolishing the Worst tenement buildings. In the early 1960's North Laine observed resurgence in crime with police nicknamed Kensington Gardens  ‘Smash and Grab Alley’.(Gerry H).

As I explored my way through the narrow and disjointed streets of varying gaudy, gregarious colorful buildings adding to the individual uniqueness of the town. The Northern Laines are a treasure trove of unique shops and characterful people who revive British eccentricity.  In the area, there are no commercial chains but individual small businesses varying from vintage, junk shops, ethnic shops artisan and craft shop.  There was a variety of local cafes offering something different from each other. I adored walking and inhaling the diverse bohemian and artist atmosphere Brighton's famous for.

 The South of UK often the people tend be rude and have no consideration for anybody.  I didn't encounter this in Brighton they had a friendly charm and were always a welcomed conversation, I was utterly shocked by this but has redeemed my faith in southerners.  

I found a fabric shop with a variety of choice and superb quality material was sensible priced. I spoke to the vendors who were happy to chat and discussed, about material and their family from the North East of England.

The Painting pottery  cafe

 Before coming to Brighton, I researched via Trip advisor for things to do in the town. There was a pottery cafe took my interest where could choose any piece of pottery and paint or design anything on it. So, I visited the cafe and found it difficult it to choose, so I selected a dragon to paint and used purple colours, complimentary to my bedroom. I felt slightly left down by this due to a combination of factors, lack of creativity, everything, however, staff were friendly enough and approachable for advice. By the end of I felt deflated. But I recommend it's worth doing as a group as it would be more fun.

American 50's themed diner.

I met TB for dinner, and he organised to meet up with his colleagues to meet up at 50's style diner. The venue decor used American paraphilia and had posters of 50's pictures of celebrities plastered on the walls, along with tables, red and white booths. I order an American sized serving of classic beef burger and chips, it even came served in the red plastic trays I've seen on t.v,  The burger was amazing and tasty. .

My outfit   


Dress - Charity shop
Waist Belt -Charity shop
Leggings - Primark
Biker Boots -Next 


George Aitchison. (1926). The Lanes - A History. Available: Last accessed 20/05/201

Gerry H. (2012). A short history of the North Laine, Brighton & Hove.Available: Last accessed 19/05/2015.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Brighton part 1

Currently, I am on holiday in Brighton and planning to do a series of posts about my trip. It's my first time visiting Brighton, and it somewhere I've wanted see. It came about a few months ago the Boyfriend asked if I fancied going down to Brighton. Every year he travels down to attend his annual conference and suggested that room was already payed for, so I elatily agreed to the opportunity

We left Newcastle at 1:50 pm by train arrive at Brighton for 6:15 pm. It was 10 minutes walk to the hotel.

My first thoughts

Brighton does have a fusion of traditional sea resort feeling with its pier and Victorian illuminations on a night on the sea front. The town resembles a mixture of  Bath, Bristol, and York because of its combination of architecture, seaside taverns, medieval streets and, Regency Georgian buildings.  It does have an alternative, Boeheim, and free spirit atmosphere captured by the mixture of people and array of colorful buildings . I 'm looking forward to exploring for the next

The Accommodation

The hotel is in a prime location for everything TB booked a Travel Lodge, a generic brand of Hotel that do no frills accommodation. It's about thirty seconds walk to the sea front and opposite the Brighton conference centre for him. The accommodation is basic and clean with a big comfy bed, a tv, shower and importantly a kettle.  I am struggling to get a tethering connection and refused to pay for the expensive WiFi. The only place to get a decent signal is in the bathroom. Currently, I'm suffering a bout of  insomnia and trying to avoid disturbing the boyfriend so, I'm sitting typing my post in the bathroom

After inquiring about the cost for the extortionate  breakfast and adhering to TB's advice about the inferior Breakfast. Fortunately, Weatherspoons do a decent breakfast  for £3 and is a minutes walk from the hotel.

After arriving at the Hotel, we dumped our bags and chilled out for a bit before searching for food. We debated whether  to have pizza or my craving for burgers

Finding Food

While exploring the town, we ended up passing a Vietnamese place named, Poh. I love oriental food but never tried Vietnamese before, and both of us settled on the restaurant. We ordered a starter of prawn crackers. I chose Bun: vermicelli noodles, including lemongrass, fresh herbs, I think it was mint, and served with peanuts, I hate peanuts and requested for them to be removed. There was a selection of choice to accompany the noodles. Usually I would of choose prawns, I felt adventurous  and ordered the nem nuong pork balls. I don't know how to describe the taste is an interesting combo of mint, lemon grass, olive oil, pork meatballs and veg roll.


Afterwards, we met with TB's colleagues and friends for drinks and visited various pubs around the lanes. It was useful as I became familiar with the lanes

 The Arches a prehistoric cave theme, and upon entering the venue, there was painting on the wall that  captured my attention. I love the ethereal subject and uses of colours, stunning

Monday, 4 May 2015

Nightmare hair and no tights.Great night out at the Mini Mayfair

I've done another post about me, and the boyfriends exploit at the Mini Mayfair. I think I've done at least two or three posts on the MMF Places of the Interest Newcastle and Gateshead: The City Hall - Mini Mayfair and Good Night Out. I'm feeling as though my blog is transforming more into the alternative nightlife blog for Newcastle since my recent posts have been reviews on local nightlife involving me being inebriated. However, I guess blogs are about our personal perspectives and interactions of the world.  Enough of my ramblings and finally for the titled post.

Me and the boyfriend have missed the mini for a couple of months due to each other feeling either ill or tired. I had an amazing night despite my outfit turning out to be a disaster.

During last year, I've developed a level of confidence where I'd  visit rock clubs wearing walking boots, a comfy jumper and combats. I no longer cared what I looked like, but  I was more concerned with enjoying myself. Since last year, I've lost that confidence, and it does creep out occasionally if I'm merry. I am rambling on, oh yeah, back to the post.

The night began with me unable to find any tights at the BF's, so I had to make do with thighs length socks resembling something from Pippy Longstockens wardrobe. Conveniently the socks were in my local football teams colours of black and white.  We hoped on the bus and walked through town being seen publicly in a PVC mini skirt with thigh-length socks. Whilst walking my socks kept rolling down to my knees, so I continually pulled them up. Fortunately, Tescos were open, and staff were preparing to shut, so I purchased tights with glee. As soon, we entered the MMF, and I dashed into the ladies toilets to change. I walked passed a mirror realising I looked like a mess. My hair turned into an afro; my attempt to create high impact Goth eyes failed miserably, and my outfit only highlighted the extra weight I've gained. I felt tremendously disappointed, but I realised nothing was salvageable and thought stuff it I'm going to enjoy myself.        

The night began incredibly, arriving at 10 o'clock  and with Ample room  and with 

Beastie Boys - (You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party)

 Dance the line-up began included

Stevie Nicks - Edge of Seventeen 

Hearts - Barracuda  

After requesting Warlock, which never get plays, yet they do play something by Dora Pesch and my first request was played - Sisters of Mercy Dominion, fantastic.

About midway point into the night they had a selection of nu metal 

Disturbed - Down With The Sickness 

Rob Zombie Living Dead Girl,

System of a Downs - Chop Sui

The DJ's decided to bring the crowd back eighties with The Cult- She Sells Sanctuary.

Over the last year of being with the boyfriend, we have developed our routine while attending the MMF As we enjoy dancing together, but as individuals we both have our own in music tastes. Individually we venture off to the dance floor by ourselves, as we mutually understand the need to get up favourite songs. 

The DJ's played a song unfamiliar to both of us, yet sounded exceptionally like Sisters of Mercy. TBF commented, "there nothing like a gothy song to clear the dance floor" lol. The MMF is mainly a general rock night with a selection from the late 70 through to the early noughties it tends play more generic rock. We got up to dance as it had been a while since there was space to dance but the song sounded decent. After 11 pm the MMF gets crowded, notably on the dance floor leaving limited room to move, and that dancing in a small area.

The night ended with the final dance with me forcing encouraging him on to dance floor for Bon Jovi's Its My Life.  I love this song; I became excited and started jumping to the chorus "it's my life". The DJ's trying to get the patron exit the premises. The sneakily played  hope, and then DJ sneaking playing Pink Floyd's Higher Hopes

Friday, 1 May 2015

Nature and me

The Professor has provided her fellow bloggers with the task of posting anything to do with nature. In celebration of the Northern Hemisphere returning from the depths of winter and entering spring with new life blossoming while small shoots of greenery and colour are awakening from their hibernation.

The brief left me a lot of room to cover in the post and I'm not too sure where to even begin. As I've been suffering from blogger's block. So I've decided to be very random, and as one prominent blogger advised me just have fun with it.

What Nature means to me

Nature is a physical occurrence that comes through a variety of physical things like plants animals, and diverse landscapes or by-products created by Nature. Nature is something man has tried to tame and control both environmentally and internally. Just as a man thinks that nature has been conquered it rebels against its bondage. Nature shows it can't be controlled by man it breaks through and toys with man's supercilious attitude. Suggesting that nature has a sense of wisdom and humour few will ever understand. I love nature as it has the most paradoxical qualities and confuses all. Nature is the most indescribable, beauteous thing, yet it can be most vilest and repugnant thing. It's the strongest and most fragile thing, its most tempestuous, chaotic and destructive force of life; it can be most enjoyable and relaxing force with wondrous awe as it's able to create life. Nature is all around us, it surrounds us, live next to us, it live within us, it within us and apart of us. We are nature. We can't control it and will outlive man.

The Importance of Nature to me

As I've gotten older, I feel as though I've started gaining more insight into the importance nature plays on my holistic well-being, and the world I live. I'm also becoming more anxious about what will happen if man doesn't change and adapt our ways.

Over the last couple years, I learnt slow down, stop, listen and take in nature and the feel the energy it produces. One my favourite things is jumping on a bus with my backpack and camera heading up into the middle of the countryside and explore the local surroundings and capturing on my camera for my photos collection. Especially since the Boyfriend brought my awesome new camera that I'm still awestruck. I realised when I feel depressed as soon as I'm in nature I feel more regenerated again and the negative energy has dissipated. Every time, I'm in a Natural environment I feel relaxed and I  get lost in the complexity of it. I love to stop, listen and feel as though I'm open to the wonders of the world, and I'm quite happy lost in my world.

These are some randoms; I took back in February when I visited Warkworth 

A couple of last weeks photos from trip to  Lindisfarne, blog post coming soon

Life Update.

Hi, it's been a very long hiatus, not to say the least. Since my last post, a lot happened in October. I had a death in the family ...