Friday, 1 May 2015

Nature and me

The Professor has provided her fellow bloggers with the task of posting anything to do with nature. In celebration of the Northern Hemisphere returning from the depths of winter and entering spring with new life blossoming while small shoots of greenery and colour are awakening from their hibernation.

The brief left me a lot of room to cover in the post and I'm not too sure where to even begin. As I've been suffering from blogger's block. So I've decided to be very random, and as one prominent blogger advised me just have fun with it.

What Nature means to me

Nature is a physical occurrence that comes through a variety of physical things like plants animals, and diverse landscapes or by-products created by Nature. Nature is something man has tried to tame and control both environmentally and internally. Just as a man thinks that nature has been conquered it rebels against its bondage. Nature shows it can't be controlled by man it breaks through and toys with man's supercilious attitude. Suggesting that nature has a sense of wisdom and humour few will ever understand. I love nature as it has the most paradoxical qualities and confuses all. Nature is the most indescribable, beauteous thing, yet it can be most vilest and repugnant thing. It's the strongest and most fragile thing, its most tempestuous, chaotic and destructive force of life; it can be most enjoyable and relaxing force with wondrous awe as it's able to create life. Nature is all around us, it surrounds us, live next to us, it live within us, it within us and apart of us. We are nature. We can't control it and will outlive man.

The Importance of Nature to me

As I've gotten older, I feel as though I've started gaining more insight into the importance nature plays on my holistic well-being, and the world I live. I'm also becoming more anxious about what will happen if man doesn't change and adapt our ways.

Over the last couple years, I learnt slow down, stop, listen and take in nature and the feel the energy it produces. One my favourite things is jumping on a bus with my backpack and camera heading up into the middle of the countryside and explore the local surroundings and capturing on my camera for my photos collection. Especially since the Boyfriend brought my awesome new camera that I'm still awestruck. I realised when I feel depressed as soon as I'm in nature I feel more regenerated again and the negative energy has dissipated. Every time, I'm in a Natural environment I feel relaxed and I  get lost in the complexity of it. I love to stop, listen and feel as though I'm open to the wonders of the world, and I'm quite happy lost in my world.

These are some randoms; I took back in February when I visited Warkworth 

A couple of last weeks photos from trip to  Lindisfarne, blog post coming soon


  1. Thanks for your comment on my photos I only live an hour or two bus journey from Newcastle, so it a great day out.

  2. That part of the world is rather beautiful if a little wild at times. Lovely photos.

  3. I love the Northumberland coast its a wild and mysterious place,

  4. OH. MY. GAWDS!!! What gorgeous photos! Nature certainly does have a way of soothing and healing, of invigorating and inspiring ... especially where you live! :) There's so much history, so much literature! There has been lots of ink split waxing about your home, and I for one appreciate it.

    Thank you so much for participating!

  5. Thank you, I love traveling and seeing different parts of world, but sometimes I forget about the rich cultural and history my part of the world offers, where I live is about two hours from Whitby and Scotland. One of the most famous pieces of work from the North East of England are the Lindisfarne Gospels, which I've seen once in National Library in London. Coincidentally, I attended the Horror and wonderment exhibition, certainly a once in life time event.

  6. lovely pictures, thanks for sharing :-) *needs to look if that post is up yet*

  7. Thanks .i haven't even started writing my Lidisfarne post as as I've been busy, but hopefully have it finished by next week

  8. Thanks .i haven't even started writing my Lidisfarne post as as I've been busy, but hopefully have it finished by next week


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