Thursday, 23 April 2015

In Honour to Little Corp Goth Girl, Sylvie

 A couple of days ago, when I was on my break, and having a rubbish day for Thor only knows why. I felt down and decided to catch up on some blog reading. I had saw that Little Corp Goth Girl had written her latest post. As I started reading it, I realised that she had mentioned my name, which felt strange that I had inspired her from the comment I posted it seemed serial and mind blowing all at once.

It originally started off with Sylvie discussing her passion for Danse Macabre, which reminded me of song I listened to and called Danse Macabre and composed by Camille Saint- Saën, based on the radio's Host's description of Death Dancing in Cemetery.

I love reading Sylvie's blog and feel she very open about herself. Over the last few months, since I've started seriously getting into blogging as though I gotten to know her and her family through it. I find her perspective very interesting and unusual as both a former Goth who renounced and rejoined through her journey has learnt to be comfortable for with herself. Also Sylvie, Mother, who works  and happens to be a Goth, I enjoy reading her encounter she experienced and the regular reactions from other parents. 

 Sylvie was my first ever follower to my blog, and that's something I will never forget, and has offered me support and advice on how to improve my blog, is always appreciated from experienced bloggers. Strangely enough through Little Corp Goth Girl I also met a fellow blogger who only lives about 6 miles away from me. Despite, never meeting Sylvie in person there seems to be an some weird emerging connection to her in regards to my blog, or maybe I'm over analysing it. I'd like to say thanks for all your support and advice, hun. 


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