Thursday, 23 April 2015

In Honour to Little Corp Goth Girl, Sylvie

 A couple of days ago, when I was on my break, and having a rubbish day for Thor only knows why. I felt down and decided to catch up on some blog reading. I had saw that Little Corp Goth Girl had written her latest post. As I started reading it, I realised that she had mentioned my name, which felt strange that I had inspired her from the comment I posted it seemed serial and mind blowing all at once.

It originally started off with Sylvie discussing her passion for Danse Macabre, which reminded me of song I listened to and called Danse Macabre and composed by Camille Saint- SaĆ«n, based on the radio's Host's description of Death Dancing in Cemetery.

I love reading Sylvie's blog and feel she very open about herself. Over the last few months, since I've started seriously getting into blogging as though I gotten to know her and her family through it. I find her perspective very interesting and unusual as both a former Goth who renounced and rejoined through her journey has learnt to be comfortable for with herself. Also Sylvie, Mother, who works  and happens to be a Goth, I enjoy reading her encounter she experienced and the regular reactions from other parents. 

 Sylvie was my first ever follower to my blog, and that's something I will never forget, and has offered me support and advice on how to improve my blog, is always appreciated from experienced bloggers. Strangely enough through Little Corp Goth Girl I also met a fellow blogger who only lives about 6 miles away from me. Despite, never meeting Sylvie in person there seems to be an some weird emerging connection to her in regards to my blog, or maybe I'm over analysing it. I'd like to say thanks for all your support and advice, hun. 

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

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Sunday, 19 April 2015

Gig at the Globe

On Friday the 28th of March, I attended a live Gig at the Globe - a local pub in Newcastle that holds alternative nights and live bands. My partner was excited, as one his favourite musicians were playing, Nic Wood a local artist from the North East. Also, the line-up included RJS and Cypher16 two bands I never heard of before.

I've seen Nic Wood at a few local gigs previously, the only way to describe his performance is an immensely talented, passionate artist, and every single performance resembles someone having a psychotic breakdown. He's certainly is one of the only acoustics' guitarists who can out-perform an electric guitarist, I've heard. Nick performed every song with his intense and raw tumultuous sound to the point during the first song he broke his guitar pick. Afterwards, Nic was discussing with the boyfriend about his upcoming album with his band, I've heard the album, and it blew my socks off along with my new rocks. I highly recommend you check it out Nic Wood's website.

I was extremely intoxicated on cider and black, a combination of cider and blackcurrant cordial. According to the boyfriend, he admitted, I have an extroverted personality to begin with, and by adding alcohol into the mix I become super extroverted. I have to commend Nic Wood for being gracious enough for responding to my banter. The conversion included an array of topics; from what our occupations were. Jobs being a form of modern day enslavement forced on us by capitalism, and being the currency for our survival. His hatred of Frozen and me defending my love for Frozen and comparing Disney Movies to the Nazi movements. Nic continued to describe himself as psychotic, and I responding 'I think you're healthy for expressing your emotions. The end of the performance my boyfriend who is more reserved slowly moved away shouting, 'I don't know these people'.

RJS were the second performance and differed considerably to Nic Wood. RJS are from York, so an hour away from York. The band have supported bands like: Funeral for a Friend, The Berzerker, Bullet For My Valentine, and opened The Unholy Alliance: Chapter III in 2008, for Slayer, Trivium, Mastodon, Amon Amarth.

RJS were more of a hardcore metal, and the band describes their live performances as chaotic and brutal, the band lived up to this. Their sound was ferocious, and vehement which made me feel like a teenager; I felt the music drawing out all the rage I've ever felt placing all of that energy and expressing it into violently headbanging. The band stage presence had a phenomenal fervid energy best captured by the lead singers adrenal fuel navigation of the stage and utilising every inch of it. He started performing by having his back to the audience, through the performance following the engery of the music randomly, he grabbed a metal box stepped on and started head banging and jumping on and off it. At one point, he even climbed on top of the amp speakers and crouched on it. Even the lead guitarist performed a solo on stage while headbanging and gyrating around on stage, which was entertaining and impressive.

After the gig, I had the opportunity to talk with some of the band members, who were very friendly about the performance, and about general life. I even to posed for a couple photos, with the band for photos. I felt like some crazed stalking groupie wanting my photo with the band. It probly not the best thing as in the rock fashion packing their equipment away in the van.

The final band was Cypher 16, from London, who indeed differed from the previous groups. Cypher16 they describe themselves on their FB page as a fusion of heavy metal, electronic and a hint of industrial music. The band has supported Lacuna Coil, Children of Bodom, Mudvayne, Dark Tranquility and In this Moment. They've toured extensively through Europe, USA, India and the UK. During the gig, they mentioned the upcoming tour to China.

Cypher 16 play in a retro nu metal sound  with a combo of electronic,  influence and heavy metal riffs. The band were more subdue in their music and performance style in comparison to RJS after the previous group it was a real plateau to finish the gig. Their vocalist sound is crisp vocals with a raw edge and power bind them.  The band did offer the heavy base compilation and epic speed of guitar rifts I enjoy in bands. The band played an excellent set and indeed give an entertaining performance. Unfortunately, due to old age setting in my neck and head couldn't take anymore headbanging.  Vocalist Jack invited the crowd forward to the stage, as the crowd seemed miles across the room the wanted the audience to get most of the performance. I loved the passion the put into their performance with proper rocker hair heading banging and the bassist Carl, moves on his base were great.


The negative aspect about the gig was the lack of  an audience. I felt the turn out for the bands was disappointing despite the lack of screaming fans attempting to throw their knickers on stage. Each band gave it their all and showed their appreciation for the patrons who turned up. The band and  the audience were able to have a full interaction with each other; which is an unusual occurrence for gigs. It made the artists feel tangible for some reason musicians on stage feel elusive, and it was an amazing experience being able to chat to the them. Afterwards I I realised their ordinary people doing what they love. I discussed with RJS about the general decline of the rock scene; they had explained from their experience that it seemed to go quiet in the rock scene and pick up. Indeed one reason maybe to the decline of alternative rock bars.

If anyone is interested in checking any the performers here are links to their websites:

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