Thursday, 19 March 2015

My New skirt

Recently, I've been watching Britain's great sewing bee and felt inspired to sew. Yesterday afternoon, the urge got too much and overtook me, compelling me to create something, so I ended up making a retros eighty' short skirt for clubbing.

A few weeks ago, I made a trip to South Shields Market, which is a traditional market selling an array of goods, and offers a fantastic selection of fabrics for bargain prices

Random History of the South Shields Markets

The market's held on a Saturday and takes place around the 18th-century town hall. The market dates from 1768, where two acres of land were procured from the local Reverend in exchange for an income of £30 per a year. On the 24th of June 1771, a charter was created allowing for a weekly market and twice yearly fair to take place. Up until the mid-1800's the market sold farmers produce and declined making a minimal profit. In 1854, the Market was purchased by the Corporation for £500 and soon the market thrived once again. (1)

  • I purchased a metre of black stretch snake skin fabric for £1.50 and black stretch cotton fabric for £2.00 

  • For the skirt pattern, I traced the pattern from a current skirt I own, as I love the shape, and its great length on me. 

  • I folded the skirt in half, and I used the newspaper to create the pattern, as it was decent quality and freely available at home. 

  • After copying the pattern of the skirt, I used a seam gauge to add an inch of seam allowance on  the pattern 

I laid the pattern out on the fabric, cut the pattern out and pinned the seams and sewed them together. I hemmed the skirt, and for the waistband I used double bias's binding to create a channel and placed elastic into the channel to create a stretchy waistband.

The fabric was easier to work with than I first thought and only needed to pin it to an inch of its life when I was cutting out the pattern pieces from the fabric. Sewing the seams together was incredibly easy.

The main trouble was creating the hem, I over-locked the hem, and this created problems as the stitching was gathering in the end I stretched out the overlocking, and I even adapted the overlocker settings to accommodate the fabric, but it made no difference.

I created a single hem, which didn't catch all the fabric, so I redid the first part of the hem, as it became too bulky and didn't hang right. So, I cut the extra bulk and pressed the seams using a towel that improved how the skirt rested

I'm happy with a the skirt as it will look stunning once. I go clubbing on with my mesh top and for the price of £1.50, I can't complain

Maureen . (2012). Local Landmark: The Old Town Hall and Market Place. Available: Last accessed 18/03/2015.


  1. That is a pretty innovative way to make a skirt. I love snakeskin patterns!

  2. Thanks so much for your comments, Sylvie. One my favourite motto's is from little Women, necessity is the mother of all invention. I've been searching the internet every where for a free skirt pattern to no avail unable to find one, I was looking at some photos of me wearing the skirt and found it the most flattering one

  3. Super job, and an even super price!

    (and Little Women is one of my favourite books, where I have a sneaky admiration for Amy even though by rights Jp should be my favourite).

  4. Thanks, even I'm surprised how cheaply I made the skirt.

    My first introduction to Little Women, was 1994 film with Winona Ryder, Kirstan Dunst and Christian Bale. I felt inspired to read the book and thoroughly enjoyed. Typically my favourite character is Jo I love the relationship between her and Beth, which was never capture in the film.


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