Saturday, 28 March 2015

Life update

A lot has happened over the last few weeks, yet I've felt apathetic and uninspired to post anything

New Job

To begin with, I don't like to mention any employers or colleagues' names.

The reason for this:

1. Believe it's unprofessional, violation of company policy
2. It may lead termination of my position
3. May incur potential litigation for slander.

I sound as though I've been quoting company policies and procedure.

One of the significant changes is I've resigned from my previous job, and I've started a new one last Monday. I chose to leave my last job because I wasn't happy working there and found that my rota was severely impacting on my personal life, which led to me not performing to my best.

My rota was permanent, so I could at least schedule my life; however, I was working on 12-hour shifts. One week - I would work 40 hours in three days and have two days off, during my days off I felt like a zombie and slept most of it. Second week - I worked two days and had three days off. I found some days I left my house at seven in the morning and returned home at 10 pm. I developed sleeping problems and tiredness at work because I was getting back so late; I was unable to relax, which meant I was going to sleep later reducing the amount of sleep I got. 

My rota worked on a six-week basis; I worked one Saturday, and two full weekends, which wasn't too bad. I accept that we live in 24 hours society, and this is part of life. I found Sundays I paid for a taxi, again a part of life if you don't drive. My partner works Monday - Friday and has every weekend off, it's nice to share weekends off with him, and I didn't mind not having every weekend off. Eventually, it started getting to me when he wanted to go out to see bands or clubbing, and I couldn't due to work. Also on Friday nights, I meet up with my boyfriend and his friends, again they were off on a weekend while everybody was drinking, enjoying themselves for their days off. I was sitting drinking lemonade, and contemplating about working all weekends, making me feel depressed.

I now, work for an outsourcing company; who've acquired a major Government contract. The role entails informing and educating customers of how to fill forms and  criteria they need to meet. I prefer and feel where my strength lies. The hours are more sociable as I'm working between 9-5. At the same time, I've made sacrifices; I will be working five days a week from Monday to Friday but have every weekend off. I have to stop volunteering at the library that I loved doing and worked with amazing people. My salary has drastically reduced, but still sufficient enough to cover my expenditure.

The new company doesn't provide free vending machine drinks as the previous company did. However, they offer free hot water, so I've become organised and take in my own drinks along, with tea bags, latte and even pack lunches to save money. In my previous company, they had a casual dress code where I would dress like a student. I usually wore jeans, combats, cotton t-shirts, converse sneakers and no makeup. However, the new companies have a strict business' dress code that has meant I wear more grown up clothes, yet there is casual Fridays. I've been reconsidering me to develop a more professional wardrobe for work and to incorporate a more Gothic corp look. It's been an excellent excuse to purchase new things for work, and presenting an opportunity potential to produce more outfit posts.


In U.K, we have televisions with inbuilt Freeview, which free version of cable or satellite. Last year, I deleted the inbuilt software from my television and opted not to fix the television. After a year, I'm missing the option to watch a TV on a night time and considering  to purchase a Freeview box.

I have also been binge watching various series through streaming over the internet

1. Vikings made by the history channel and follows the story of Ragnar Lothbrok, a farmer during the period when the Vikings had limited farming lands. It follows Ragnar's rise to power from Earl then to King of Denmark. It starts by Ragnar persuading Earl Harldson to raid West rather than East to the Baltic and Russia. Ragnar commissions Floki to build a faster and sleeker boat and with a band of volunteers they sail West. Discovering England and raiding the monastery on Lindisfarne. With their we follow Ragnor's  journey with the support of his wives, the shieldmaiden Lagertha and the princess Aslaug and son Bjorn. To his rise to power an

2. True Blood based on the books by Charlaine Harris, who wrote The Southern Vampire Mysteries series. The novels are based around the protagonist Sookie Stackhouse, whose a telepathic waitress and is descended from the faerie, It explores about the co-existing of vampires and humans in the town of Bon Temps. As the series progresses, it reveals more about an alternative world of other supernatural creature, witches, werewolves, and shape-shifters


  1. Best of luck with the new job. Fully empathise with your reasons for moving on, though these decisions don't come easy.

    I love the True Blood series, both books and TV show. Right now my particular TV poison is The Originals, a spin off from the Vampire Diaries (which strangely I'm not that keen on) - about vampires, witches, werewolves and the odd human set in New Orleans. The witches all have the most fabulous wardrobes. I have costume envy! Its showing on SyFy at the moment. I also love love love the BBC's Musketeers. Not least because of Athos...!

    Have a good Easter break.

  2. Thanks, These things are never easy, despite the reduction of salely and being paid the lowest wage of my working life; I am feeling the benefits of doing the job, and personally, that something that worth more than money.

    Today was my second day, live its feels very chaotic and awkward learning new knowledge and systems. However, the people and management do seem lovely, plus side is finishing at 4;45 is great .

    I am enjoying the True Blood at I feel as though it gotten rather silly
    and doesn't create the impact it first had on season one. I am starting season six tonight. I've never read the books, but my younger sister has and love them. I've seen part of the Originals on really enjoyed the series, I did read the one of the Vampire dairies and love the Lisa Smith dark world collections. I am rubbish at keeping up with series and my tv doesn't work I love watching t.v over the internet. One of my favourite used to be Merlin and I big sucker for watching Dr. Who

    Thanks, take care Jane, enjoy the hols as well

  3. It is a brave thing to change one's life and work these days, so congratulations! :) I've too been meaning to start watching the Vikings, but now I am emerged in Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries that is situated in the 20's in Australia. ^^

  4. Thanks for your kind comments Jade, and good luck with your studies in USA. My boyfriend got me into the Vikings series as I watched the third season at his and now, I'm totally engrossed with it. This month Game of Thrones is back,I may have to check out that series as soon I'll be finished with True Blood.

  5. Twelve hour shifts are tough - the spouse used to do that during the winter and it was always night shift. It was hell trying to keep the kids quiet during the day while he slept! I think it does begin to affect your body negatively after a while; as boring as 9-5 may seem, it's probably healthier for you. Provided you like your job, of course! :)

    I'm addicted to Vikings. Or maybe I'm just addicted to Ragnar and his lovely brother, Rollo. LOL

  6. I used to do night shift and found sleeping during the day difficult, I can emphasize, My mam used to do night shift so me and sister had remain quiet

    Yeap, I feel much happier, and healthier both physically, mentally. It's great having time back I feel more satisfied, even want to sew. It's going to take time to get used to not having time off during the weekdays, but like I said it worth more than money.

    I absolutely love Vikings, there is plenty of choice for attractive men. Yet, my favorite character is Lagertha.


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