Monday, 9 February 2015

Kitchen kataphernalia

For years, I loved collecting farm yard animal kitchen paraphernalia. For example: cookie jars, egg cups, mugs and other random tat. I loved the idea of displaying it in the kitchen.  I've noticed over the last few years; I've stopped collecting farm animals, and a small collection of black cat items have stalking over taken farm animals collection. I think subconsciously, it's occurred because of my experience of sharing my life with a cat, and the yearning to have a cat again, sadly, this may not happen.  I specifically love black cat items with green eyes as they resemble my ex's cat, Morganna, which remind me of her, whom I do miss.

This was my favourite photograph of the her smelling lilies

I recently purchased the two  following items from A charity shop expedition to Whitley Bay:

 I fell in love with the tea pot which reminded me of Morganna siting next to the fire place and being hypnotized by it's dancing flames.The shape of the fire place is identical shape to my ex's fire place.

Coincidentally,  I found this clock in the same charity shop for £2, I thought for the price, and the image of  the two adorable cats was a must have. It'll complements my collection of black cat paraphernalia.

I don't really know what to use this item and I'm also confused whether it's meant to be a dish or a tea bag holder. However, it does have a special significance for me, as I purchased it for $2 from Salem, MA during my trip to the US. 

This is my favourite item, I think it 's meant to be a pan or kettle stand, however, I purchased this Turkey, Istanbul last year. I was astonished to find this came back with no damage. I  adore this, as  it reminds me of my trip to Turkey, and the wonderful experience I had. All the cats remind me of Morganna, and various things she did.


  1. Thanks, I've decided I wanna be crazy cat lady,if I can't have one nothing stops me from having cat paraphernalia

  2. Super cute! There's far too much temptation in Whitley's charity shops, I love a good rummage and usually end up with a rucksack full of books. On one memorable occasion I found a Dot Cotton necklace - the perfect gift for my friend who has everything!

    And embrace your inner cat lady! I'm going to be a stinky old dog lady :)

  3. I love you comment regarding being a stinky dog lady, Im going to embrace my inner crazy cat lady.

    Whitley Bay's charity shops offers a great selection of stock, I even purchased a beautiful new coat for £10. In previous years, I would of needed for a wheelbarrow for my charity shop finds. It's great to hear that you've found presents for your friend


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