Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Professor' home work assignment

I really wanted to part take in the Professor's homework assignment for January. Her assignment was about completing a new or finishing off a craft project that has been gathering dust in the too do box. I absolutely, love this topic as I am really into arts and crafts; I primly, sew clothing, with the occasional bag. I've tried to explore other crafts like cross stitch, proggy and knitting . Unfortunately, my knitting skills don't exist, I couldn't even manage to complete a full knit line. However, proggy and cross stitch were more successful, the proggy and cross stitch are so easy to complete. My  cross stitch skills need more practice, yet I find after long periods of time  it can get tedious.

Properly like everyone else I've put off quite a few projects that were never completed because of various reason.

These are some of the ideas I will complete over the next year.

Proggy mat,

Last year, I attended a proggy making class on a Sunday afternoon, where the group made rugs and wall hangings that were made to be sold or raffled to raise money for local causes.

I purchased some hessian with the intention to make a rug for my bedroom. I searched the shops and couldn't find anything to complement my decor. I took inspiration for the design from my lamp shade and drew out the pattern. Since last Friday, I have been completing my proggy rug I've utilized two fleece blankets, and a couple of cheap jumpers; I love the colour contrast, and it's so plush to touch.

I am considering making proggy mat in  black and grey fabric for the sitting room, it would be great way to use up my scrap fabric. 

Cross stitch

I've been completing the cross stitch since August, honestly, I forgot all about it. Recently, I've started completing it again, and it's reminded me how much I enjoy doing it: I'm not sure when I will finish it, but I hope to complete this the year.

I purchased a huge cross stitch that was far too ambitious for my skills to complete. I thought I would purchase it to start once my skills became more competent 


I'm planning to finish the interfacing on my neckline.

A bucket draw string bag

I want to create  a large draw sting bag, for the lining I plan to use the blue bug fabric and the black floral fabric for the exterior. I purchased off cuts from a local curtain store and Ikea. I never got around to making it, so I will this year .

I considered making this bag, minus the contrasting colour, sew a channel without using the rivets holes, and possibly a flap .

Sew another a skirt from this fabric

Using my favourite pattern : 

A black cat door stop, I found in a book from the library, I want to base the design on my ex's cat, Morganna, who sadly died two years ago. To emulate Morganna' s fur I thought  of using soft faux fur or velvet.  The project is from Chloe's Owens, All sewn up 


Complete this dress 

I downloaded a free dress pattern from the internet it needs to be assembled the pattern however it can be time consuming. I need to chose fabric to make the dress out of, if anyone's interested in to have the pattern click on the link Free dress pattern .

During the forth coming year, I'm aiming to avoid unnecessary expenditure to save money.   I hoping to rely on my crafting skills and  allowing me the opportunity develop, explore new craft ideas and hone these skills. 

I 'm sorry if some of this sounds familiar, I  sometimes forget what blogs I've posted, and tend to recycle my blog photos . Thanks for you time and patience; I appreciate all my readers who take their time to read my blog.


  1. I am sorry about your kitty :( Those look like some super amazing projects

  2. Thanks for your gracious comment. Morganna was a fantastic cat ; I asked my ex if could mention her, he was enthralled at the idea

  3. Wow! Your proggy has come on so well, it looks great. The cat doorstop is very cute. I don't have a crafting bone in my body, buttons are the extent of my sewing abilities!

    Beautiful cat, she reminds me of my ex's little Rosie. I've had a soft spot for quirky little black cats ever since. However I am seriously allergic to them which was a little bit of an issue in a relationship!

  4. Thanks for your kind comments. Even I am amazed how far my proggy mat's progressed. I think naturally, I've always been creative and competent at crafting. My Gran was amazing and could make anything. We all have our different talents: my writing skills aren't great; however, I've read your writing that is incredible.

    It's a shame to hear your allergic to cats. Morganna was an astounding and phenomenal cat with human qualities, her fur was plush and soft as velvet, I miss her .

  5. Making your own rug is not that common, so it's really cool you are making one! I also adore those fabrics you have for the string bag and the shape of the last dress. :)

  6. Thanks for your kind comments. Proggy's a local craft which comes from North East of England. I've not met many people do proggy, despite being simple to pick up it's physically exhausting and time consuming.

    I fell in love with dress's shape and thought make a fantastic summer dress . The bag would great for summer well

  7. I'd never heard of proggy before ... I love the rug! I used to cross stitch, and also bought a very large picture but got bored of it. I just found it the other day and debated getting rid of it, but decided I might finish it up at some point and put it away for another ten years. ;)

    Very pretty fabric for that skirt. I hope you'll share it when it's done. :)

  8. Surprisingly, not many people have heard of proggy, possibly people know proggy as another name. , I completely understand what you mean in regards with cross stitch it require time and patience.

    . I fell in love with the fabric thought it was perfect for skirt : when I've completed the skirt I will do a post

  9. Joining the gang of "never heard of progging before". I'm glad you brought the craft to my attention so I can look into it, looks nice. I also really like your choice of fabrics for the bag :)

    1. I think its a huge gang, I've decided I am going to dedicate a post to proggy in the next week cover everything about it and provide demonstrations. Its to hear you like fabrics I chosen for my bag.

  10. Ooooo, nice projects! :) Me too, I have never heard of proggy. I guess here in the States we call it rug hooking, rag rug making, or the sort. Cross stitch drives me to drink. Seriously. Mom used to do crewel, which I always said reminds me of painting with thread.

    I love that skirt pattern! SOOOOO pretty! What pattern number is it?

    Thanks for participating!

  11. I've heard proggy mat being called rag mats or clippy mats. I've decided I'm going to do a post about proggy as so some many people have shown interest in the craft. This skirt pattern is my favourite and is flattering on my body shape ( considering I am a pair) The pattern is Simplicity 5914.

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