Tuesday, 20 January 2015

My Friend's Business

I love mentioning people or small businesses to promote free advertisement or to inform readers. I couldn't resist mentioning my friend, Kerry Anne, who is trying to set up her own business . If any one's interested there is link to click on to browse the website with her aims and story. I think it's great to be an advocate and supporter of local crafts and small businesses. It's something I am realising as I get older the value of small independent businesses play in the world. Especially, considering when you can purchase something  that is uniquely made, locally sourced rather than mass produced.

Kerry -Anne hopes to set up her own business to make textile art for kids both small, and at heart. She's starting her business and ultimately she wants to operate her own classes to help children from not so under privileged backgrounds and to promote the value of recycling through crafts.

Thanks to my readers for their to time to check it out

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