Friday, 16 January 2015

My days off

 I started off by making a sloth look like  a triathlon champion . On Wednesday, I ventured as far as the kettle and bathroom for the necessary human needs, like tea. I literally played on Skyrim and slept, totally shameful and wasteful use of time however, so pleasurable. I even read John Polidori's the Vampyre within an hour, this extraordinarily quick for me typically I'm a slow reader. 

Thursday, I became more proactive and caught up with clothes washing, and posted a couple item's on ebay as I've started to declutter. I finally changed my bedding. It hadn't been changed since literally last year, (to describe this I refer to my local dialect) I've been a very dirty minger, translation; I've been a disgusting  person. I climbed into bed last night, and the smell of clean sheets is an intoxicating and enticing smell of pleasure to be cocooned in. Whilst watching the Piano, one my favourite movies and the film's sound track is beautifully written adds to the movie. 


For a while I've neglected many of my craft projects, surprisingly I attempted  my cross stitch, I had a very productive session completing it. I find cross stitch therapeutically relaxing, yet; It does require my full concentration to complete the intricate detail. 

Friday, was the most fulfilling day I woke up at 8:21 am, I watched Spirited Away and Ponya, whilst completing the cross stitch. I finally got the energy to go outside to drop off a bag of clothing to the local charity shop. 

For Yonkers, I've been wanting to volunteer at a local library. Recently, I got back in touch with the organizer about volunteering. Today, I scheduled the days to volunteer and I have my induction date for two weeks on Thursday. I can't wait. 

By complete serendipity, I met a person who I used to attend a local writing group,unfortunately, I had to leave as I was unable to attend the group due to various reasons. It was lovely chatting to her. She was telling me  how the group was progressing, and I should pop in,which I intend to  do. She complemented me on being a good writer. The comment elated me to hear as I still lack confidence in it. Considering many of  the other members were fantastic writers and were much superior than some modern published work. 

I ended up doing some essential shopping apart from popping into Fenwicks, te fabric department. I've extravagantly spent £40 on 2 metres of jacquard fabric for new skirt, I was extremely lucky as it was end of the roll, the fabric's gorgeous so worth the money.

On my travels through the Granger Market, I found a small Turkish cafe that had opened it was fantastic and I was reminded of my trip to Turkey. When I was in Turkey I was addicted to their tea but then again for 30p a cup, who wouldn't be. I ordered a cup tea, defiantly chai made in the traditional method, of using a double kettle and burek. which is a small pastry similar to a sausage roll stuffed with meat or spinach, delicious. 

I started making a proggy mat, which is local to this part of the country, it utilises scrap fabric, Hessian and half  pointed peg to push strips scrap fabric into the Hessian creating a mattered scraggy rug. I created the design age and brought a cheap fleece blanket for £2.50 I roughly measured the strips using a permanent marker and cut the pieces. I made progress and stop rubbing my hands into the rug; its so plush to touch. Surprisingly, my right shoulder is hurting me from making the proggy rug.   

If any bodies interested, Proggy instructions
Some info on  Proggy history

I'm quickly typing this blog snuggled up in my comical huge bed in a tiny room, drinking my snozzy tea consisting of herbal mixture of camaermile  and valerian tea watching Mary Shelly's Frankenstein.                            


  1. Proggy mats are surprisingly hard on your hands. My work had a team bonding day in Beamish where we made proggy squares, which the tutors then made up into a 'team mat'. We were all very proud and it still hangs on the wall. I remember it hurt my fingers though!

    Sounds like a nice few days, it appears that de-cluttering is the theme of this January for many people :)

  2. Thanks Jane for commenting. I totally agree, I am only learning now the amount of physical effort and pain required to make one, yet it's an easy craft to learn. You team building excercise sounds like a wonderful idea and you have something to remember the day with. Beamish is a fantastic place to learn about the social history of the North East. Not surprisingly, that's where I first encountered proggy mats making by one of tour guides sitting in the miner's houses.

    I couldn't agree with you more about this months theme being de-cluttering. With the new year, it's always an excellent opportunity for reflection and implement change into our lives.


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