Sunday, 4 January 2015

Life up date- An unexciting new year

This week has followed the habitual schedule of lying in bed till yonder, watching junk T.V whilst's succumbing to the brainwashing effects of commercial advertisements, followed by a diet of absolute rubbish, resulting in me failing at the first hurdle of the professors Z's Bat fit challenge. My lifestyle
would put a sloth to shame, but the festive period is an excellent excuse to over indulge and laze around. This allowed me and my boyfriend a rare opportunity to spend some quality time together or he would consider driven mad and being exorbitant with his fridge.

I greeted the New Years by completing my blog post,under the influence of Liebfraumilch, a sweet German white wine, according to the boyfriend tastes like wee. Later, we welcomed the new years with the loud screeching and booming of fireworks whilst watching the Jules Holland retro sixties New Years special and when midnight came at 12:10 along the traditional Auld Lang syne. By one o'clock I fell asleep on the settee.

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