Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Good Night Out ,

On Saturday, me and the boyfriend went out to his favourite night at the Mini Mayfair. I previously mentioned on my blog the Mini Mayfair night on Places of the Interest Newcastle and Gateshead : The City Hall - Mini Mayfair.

I was good on Saturday night as I didn't drink any alcohol and stuck mainly to pop. I wish I could admit this was my attempt to do the Professor's Bat fit challenge, (that's started horrendously and another blog post). Honestly, I'd been working on a 12 hour shift, and if I drink alcohol when I'm tired it usually sends me to sleep. I managed too pull myself together with the assistance of a hot bath along with a a cup of milky coffee, and I was out the door within 40 minutes from the time of getting to my boyfriend's front door

It was a decent night with a usual line up of songs. I was elated to hear a small selection of noughties new metal that crept into the line up.This  holds a special place in my heart as its  the music I listened to as a teenager .They played Rob Zombie, Drowning Pool - Let the bodies hit the floor and System of a Downs -Chop Sui. The Rock night predominately plays eighties rock music catering for the older generation of rockers, the selection of the songs aren't always to my taste, however, it always great seeing the boyfriend head banging and enjoying himself.

I always love the beginning of the night as there's only a few people in the venue leaving plenty of room to move on the dance floor. As the night progresses and more patrons enter the venue the dance floor becomes increasingly crowded limiting the available space to move. Personally, it puts me off from dancing and it doesn't help I dislike huge crowds. I find as I get older the idea of night clubbing isn't as appealing, and I feel reluctant to party. The temptation of a warm fire and comfy pajamas is more enticing, especially, during the winter months.

I chose to wear my typical new rocks, a mesh top, I purchased from the charity shop, and my buckled pvc skirt. When I was younger, I seldom wore short skirts; I tended to wear long skirts and baggy clothes. As I grew up; I became more adventurous with my skirt hemlines, became shorter, and  started wearing under bust corsets.

While the boyfriend took the photograph, I kept getting told off for not smiling this is a normal occurrence as I rarely smile on any of my photographs. Every time he takes a photo; he shouts, 'smile,smile,smile, or your rubbish, you never smile'. 


  1. You look lovely :)

    I like the Mini Mayfair, but I know what you mean about the crowded dance floor later on (and getting served is sometimes a nightmare). I've not been for a while as I rarely drink in town anymore, and if I do that night clashes with Charnel House. CH can be an odd one, the music is goth (both classic and new) and generally excellent, there is always space for dancing, drinks are cheap - but the atmosphere can be a little ... strange! I enjoy both MM & CH when I'm in the mood, its a shame the 2 nights clash.

  2. Hi, Jane I can understand what you mean I have occasionally attended Charnel House the nights are excellent with the music, dance floor and reasonably priced drinks, I understand what you mean about the atmosphere. The last time, I attended charnel house was to see Dyonisis,were amazing. There is striped, which is a great at the Black Bull in Gateshead, it close to home, Great atmosphere,people are superbly friendly and welcoming,reasonable plonk, however, the music is more ebm and industrial. It's held on a Thursday, however I find it difficult to attend, but worth checking out.


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