Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Reflections of the year and Goals for 2015

With the transitional period of the New Year quickly approaching tonight I've contemplating my aims and goals, whilst, reflecting over this amazing year as I look back. I've done so much and did things I thought I would never do.Here some of the highlight from 2014:

I met one of the most amazing couch surfing hosts; Sangmesh, he showed me how to party in Germany. 

I visited Sarajevo,I always wanted to go

Great hosts in Sarajevo, they took me and my American friend Jason, around the city to the best place ever.

My first ─ćevapi, amazing,  I am still searching for a Bosnian Cafe in Newcastle 

I visited Cappadocia, in the Anatolian region of Turkey and translates as the land of beautiful horses from old Persian. Cappadocia is famous for its fairy chimneys, which were shaped from the erosion of wind and rain over centuries. Christians escaping persecution from the Roman empire took sanctuary in the rocks and craved homes into the soft rock

I took the opportunity to take a hot air balloon ride; it was the most phenomenal experience of life

Met my new boyfriend unexpectedly

I started my blog 

I visited my the Roman Baths in Bristol

I felt inspired by some of the blogs I've been reading to consider some of the goals I want to achieve for the New Year.


My goal is to achieve a holistic health, rather than focusing physical health. My lifestyle is appalling I feel as though I have been procrastinating too long on the path of apathy leading to self destruction.

1. My first aim is to become physically fit and start eating healthily, as I tend to eat out and rarely make home meals because of the long hours I work. I am wanted to learn to cook and preparing my own meals again. I am not too bothered about losing weight perhaps loose at least half a stone or to at least maintain my current weight. Last years, I was eleven and half stone I didn't want to be that heavy again.

2. I am going to start some form exercise – walking and hiking again. I live about an hour away from some of most specular scenery in the country, and I should take more advantage of that. I love walking and being amongst nature, particularly in forested areas. I find it has a spiritual calming effect and assists to redistribute my energy.

3. For a while, I've been down and self doubting myself, which has started my confidence issues, and panic attacks off. I feel like a black hole of negativity which extremely draining it's impacting on all aspects of my health, also I am feeling irked by attitude Now, I desire to overcome this, by focusing on the positive area in my life, like my family, friends and boyfriends.

4. For years, unknowingly I was dyslexic until, I was diagnosed two years ago by an educational Psychologist. This was both a blessing and course in some ways; the first it explained a lot about issues I have, and secondly, I used it as an excuse instead overcoming my issues. For this new year, I take-up reading, as last years I found my an immense difference in communications style .I aim to become a succinct and effective writer,so I plan to devote time practice my writing ever.

5. Lastly, is to become confident and self assertive - currently, I shy away from conflict or become extremely abrupt due to my lack of confidence. I want to develop the strength and confidence to be firm and stand my ground, whilst remain calm to consider all my options before leaping in.


  1. Wishing you a happy and healthy New Year. J

  2. Thanks, I am feel optimistic about the new year, and I wish you the same thanks.


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