Wednesday, 31 December 2014

My Christmas

Christmas this year has been reticent and pleasant, I very much enjoyed it. Usually, I despise Christmas for numerous of reasons:  I find it's an emotional time of year, in previous years; I had to work over the festive period and feel over the years that Christmas has become over commercialised. What has changed this year is I've made the minimal effort with Christmas and kept it simple. I only bought presents for my boyfriend who was relatively easy to buy for got, a bottle of Tobermory Whisky, socks and a box of jelly babies. The rest of my family got money as I find it difficult to buy them presents, and they can choose what they want.

For the first time in seven years, I spent Christmas with my mam. She cooked a dinner; consisting of roast chicken dinner with veg, and I ate two servings of vanilla cheesecake accompanied by soft scoop ice cream, my favourite part the meal.

 For Christmas I got a beautiful black net with sequence dress; from Dorothy Perkins I chose and money. Surprisingly, my sister gave me an array of Tatty Teddy goodies; a mug, pen and a sweet miniature Teddy with sister stitched on its t-shirt.

For Christmas, all I wanted was a digital camera, so that I could take more professional looking photographs. My previous camera I've had since being 18 years old, and my mobile camera isn't great. My boyfriend surprised me with a new digital camera, honestly I didn't think he would get me one. He kept me guessing as he first gave me a camera case, memory cards and the camera. I also got a t-shirt with the image of a map from How to Train My Dragon, this is one of the favourite films.

                                                            My New Camera, source

I ended up eating a second Christmas's dinner with the boyfriend, and I purchased a frozen pheasant stuffed with apple pork stuffing for £8. I also attempted to make stuffing balls and Yorkshire puddings; however, these weren't great as  I added too much water to the mixture. My attempt to make mash potato went better as I added Northumberland cheese and milk to the mixture; it took away some of the dryness of the potatoes. By the time, we had our dinner it was about 8pm. I also purchased a sherry trifle, but after stuffing myself with two Christmas dinners my stomach was ready to explode; I ended up falling asleep my boyfriends sofa.

My bad attempt at cooking, lol

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