Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Life update

Over the last few weeks, I've been busy with general life . Work have implemented changes by  restructuring my team, resulting in new a Manager and my team relocated work space', that's life I guess.

In beginning of December, I visited the Gothic: Terror and Wonderment event at the National British' Library, which was extremely informative . I've wanted to write either a critique or a review about the exhibition.  I've been experiencing blogger's block, and I've attempted numerous times to write about it; everything I written has turned out to be s*%^
. I have taken My boyfriend's advice, so, I've finally, admitted defeat for my sanity and after Christmas I may retry to write it. 

I wish everybody a wonderful Christmas and a Happy News Year


  1. Hi Sarah, I'm Jane and originally I'm from Gateshead (though I have decamped to the coast) - small world though bizarrely I came across your blog via Sylvie's (Little Corp Goth Girl) so I've travelled round the world to get here! Just read your post about the Mayfair / City Hall / Mini Mayfair which made me smile - I've had many great nights at all 3 venues.

    I would have loved to visit that British Library exhibition you mention; alas it probably won't happen, though my last London work trip did allow me to visit the Wellcome Museum which isn't far from the BL. I'm another Hexham Abbey fan, and I was lucky enough to study the magnificent Durham Cathedral for my GCSE history local studies element. Really like your blog, I will be popping back :)


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