Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Reflections of the year and Goals for 2015

With the transitional period of the New Year quickly approaching tonight I've contemplating my aims and goals, whilst, reflecting over this amazing year as I look back. I've done so much and did things I thought I would never do.Here some of the highlight from 2014:

I met one of the most amazing couch surfing hosts; Sangmesh, he showed me how to party in Germany. 

I visited Sarajevo,I always wanted to go

Great hosts in Sarajevo, they took me and my American friend Jason, around the city to the best place ever.

My first ─ćevapi, amazing,  I am still searching for a Bosnian Cafe in Newcastle 

I visited Cappadocia, in the Anatolian region of Turkey and translates as the land of beautiful horses from old Persian. Cappadocia is famous for its fairy chimneys, which were shaped from the erosion of wind and rain over centuries. Christians escaping persecution from the Roman empire took sanctuary in the rocks and craved homes into the soft rock

I took the opportunity to take a hot air balloon ride; it was the most phenomenal experience of life

Met my new boyfriend unexpectedly

I started my blog 

I visited my the Roman Baths in Bristol

I felt inspired by some of the blogs I've been reading to consider some of the goals I want to achieve for the New Year.


My goal is to achieve a holistic health, rather than focusing physical health. My lifestyle is appalling I feel as though I have been procrastinating too long on the path of apathy leading to self destruction.

1. My first aim is to become physically fit and start eating healthily, as I tend to eat out and rarely make home meals because of the long hours I work. I am wanted to learn to cook and preparing my own meals again. I am not too bothered about losing weight perhaps loose at least half a stone or to at least maintain my current weight. Last years, I was eleven and half stone I didn't want to be that heavy again.

2. I am going to start some form exercise – walking and hiking again. I live about an hour away from some of most specular scenery in the country, and I should take more advantage of that. I love walking and being amongst nature, particularly in forested areas. I find it has a spiritual calming effect and assists to redistribute my energy.

3. For a while, I've been down and self doubting myself, which has started my confidence issues, and panic attacks off. I feel like a black hole of negativity which extremely draining it's impacting on all aspects of my health, also I am feeling irked by attitude Now, I desire to overcome this, by focusing on the positive area in my life, like my family, friends and boyfriends.

4. For years, unknowingly I was dyslexic until, I was diagnosed two years ago by an educational Psychologist. This was both a blessing and course in some ways; the first it explained a lot about issues I have, and secondly, I used it as an excuse instead overcoming my issues. For this new year, I take-up reading, as last years I found my an immense difference in communications style .I aim to become a succinct and effective writer,so I plan to devote time practice my writing ever.

5. Lastly, is to become confident and self assertive - currently, I shy away from conflict or become extremely abrupt due to my lack of confidence. I want to develop the strength and confidence to be firm and stand my ground, whilst remain calm to consider all my options before leaping in.

My Christmas

Christmas this year has been reticent and pleasant, I very much enjoyed it. Usually, I despise Christmas for numerous of reasons:  I find it's an emotional time of year, in previous years; I had to work over the festive period and feel over the years that Christmas has become over commercialised. What has changed this year is I've made the minimal effort with Christmas and kept it simple. I only bought presents for my boyfriend who was relatively easy to buy for got, a bottle of Tobermory Whisky, socks and a box of jelly babies. The rest of my family got money as I find it difficult to buy them presents, and they can choose what they want.

For the first time in seven years, I spent Christmas with my mam. She cooked a dinner; consisting of roast chicken dinner with veg, and I ate two servings of vanilla cheesecake accompanied by soft scoop ice cream, my favourite part the meal.

 For Christmas I got a beautiful black net with sequence dress; from Dorothy Perkins I chose and money. Surprisingly, my sister gave me an array of Tatty Teddy goodies; a mug, pen and a sweet miniature Teddy with sister stitched on its t-shirt.

For Christmas, all I wanted was a digital camera, so that I could take more professional looking photographs. My previous camera I've had since being 18 years old, and my mobile camera isn't great. My boyfriend surprised me with a new digital camera, honestly I didn't think he would get me one. He kept me guessing as he first gave me a camera case, memory cards and the camera. I also got a t-shirt with the image of a map from How to Train My Dragon, this is one of the favourite films.

                                                            My New Camera, source

I ended up eating a second Christmas's dinner with the boyfriend, and I purchased a frozen pheasant stuffed with apple pork stuffing for £8. I also attempted to make stuffing balls and Yorkshire puddings; however, these weren't great as  I added too much water to the mixture. My attempt to make mash potato went better as I added Northumberland cheese and milk to the mixture; it took away some of the dryness of the potatoes. By the time, we had our dinner it was about 8pm. I also purchased a sherry trifle, but after stuffing myself with two Christmas dinners my stomach was ready to explode; I ended up falling asleep my boyfriends sofa.

My bad attempt at cooking, lol

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Life update

Over the last few weeks, I've been busy with general life . Work have implemented changes by  restructuring my team, resulting in new a Manager and my team relocated work space', that's life I guess.

In beginning of December, I visited the Gothic: Terror and Wonderment event at the National British' Library, which was extremely informative . I've wanted to write either a critique or a review about the exhibition.  I've been experiencing blogger's block, and I've attempted numerous times to write about it; everything I written has turned out to be s*%^
. I have taken My boyfriend's advice, so, I've finally, admitted defeat for my sanity and after Christmas I may retry to write it. 

I wish everybody a wonderful Christmas and a Happy News Year

Saturday, 13 December 2014

A great day out in Sunderland

On Saturday, I met up with my friend Kerry-Anne, and we went to Sunderland National Glass Centre; Sunderland a city about eight miles . Kerry-Anne suggested booking up this workshop to make Christmas glass baubles; she felt it was a great activity for us to share. We both share a passion for arts and crafts, however, she's extremely talented as she sews, knits, crochets, cross stitches and bakes the most amazing cakes. The workshop was great sharing it with Kerry-Anne as we both created a great memory, and a uniquely crafted bauble.
Kerry-Anne, photo taken glass artwork display

We were guided to the glass workshop, and the Glass Craftsman instructed us how to create the baubles. The workshop furnace temperatures were 1100 degrees centigrade, creating an intensely hot environment.Kerry-Anne volunteered to go first as she previously did glass making at university, she chose pink and fuchsia frits. I chose for my bauble black, purple and fuchsia frits.

The process involved : choosing coloured glass frits for the design of baubble, and the artist passed a long iron rod with molten glass. The tutor instructed to continually roll the iron rod in the frits, and press the molten glass's bottom in the frits. The glass was placed in the furnace and rotated to meld the frits with molten glass. The furnace hole was nicked named the 'Glory Hole'. I apologise for being juvenile; I found this funny. The participant blew into the iron rod to shape the bauble into glass; personally, I found it extremely difficult to do. The instructor added molten glass to create a loop, and it was placed into a giant fridge, preventing the bauble from cracking.

Yay, this my glass bauble I made :

Life Update.

Hi, it's been a very long hiatus, not to say the least. Since my last post, a lot happened in October. I had a death in the family ...