Sunday, 2 November 2014

Gothic Paddington Bear.

When I was off work last week, I met up with the boyfriend and his friend at the local pub. My boyfriend wound me up like usual, so I started staring at him. He simply looked back and articulated "you're as scary as Paddington bear".  A  discussion about Paddington Bear. took place. The conversation included where he came from, and his favorite food, which raised the slight debate of whether Paddington enjoyed marmite or marmalade sandwiches, as usual it was settled by me being proven wrong by Wikipedia.

Coincidentally, I was wearing a black faux fine ostrich feather fluffy jumper, and my charcoal duffel coat with PVC toggles. My boyfriend commented I resembled "a Gothic Paddington bear with jumper and coat". The only thing I was missing was the hat, which I might have to purchase, if I see on. 

Me with my duffel coat 

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