Friday, 10 October 2014

Sewing project

I've wanted to do a quick post, as I have been off from work today. I've spent the afternoon completing a sewing project. It's only took me two hours to complete, despite sewing for five years, I was pleasantly surprised I  finished it so, quickly. This included starting from positioning the pattern pieces cutting them out, sewing and hemming the skirt. 

Recently, I've been searching through all the shops looking for a long fitted skirt and I've been unable to find anything I liked.  So, I decided it was easier to purchase fabric and make one myself .

I bought a beautiful jacquard raised pattern, stretch fabric with a slight sheen from John Lewis. I paid £32 for two metres of the fabric, which is quite extravagant  for me, but I just loved it   

I used my favorite sewing pattern, Simplicity 5914, I chose skirt C because it's the most flattering skirt to my shape . Originally, I extended the pattern, as I found the skirt was not long enough .  

 This is what the finished skirt looks like.

Finished skirt Back 

Finished Skirt Front 

Close up of fabric. 

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