Sunday, 12 October 2014

New job an excellent excuse for a shopping trip

I recently mentioned, I have a new job working in custom services, for a telecommunications company in a call centre.

 The North East once was one of the major providers for the industry and producers of  coal,  over the last few decades this has subsided. This has greatly impacted the local economy resulting people loosing their jobs, becoming unemployed and forced to sign on job seekers allowance. In recent years, the North East has had  major investment from companies for call centres for custom services, resulting in call centers becoming the one of the largest forms of employment, for the area.

 A study commissioned, by Sitel,  2,000 people were asked about their opinions on accents. The results indicated the Geordie accent was found to be the  friendliest, and most likely to put someone in a good mood.  The Geordie accent offers connotations of being trustworthy and helpful.

I have found it as a good excuse to buy some new clothes for the job, because I wanted to incorporate a more casual but smart gothic look. Here are some of the new clothes I recently bought. When I brought clothing I had to consider buying natural and breathable clothing as it gets very hot in my work place.

I brought this top from British Home stores it was £18.  I brought this as, I loved the dot net detail and it has a cotton under top so, I thought it would it be cool and comfortable to wear for work.    

I brought this jumper, as I wanted more thin jumpers for the winter to layer up with. I like the pocket detail with the sequence on it and when I tried the jumper on it was very flattering. I payed £14 for it from T-maxx. 

I got this brought this from Debenhams for £20.  I always love buying clothes for Debenhams as it has great, simple, designs with great quality and for reasonable prices. I loved the zipped detail on the jumper because it's different and mature gothic look. The jumper feels comfortable to wear as it has high viscose content with small nylon content.    

I brought this top from H&M for £15. It was 100% cotton and feel great to wear its very cool to wear,especially in a hot environment. I brought this as I love the contrasting detail between the circular hole pattern and plain bottom, which is separated by the lace trim.  

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