Monday, 27 October 2014

New glasses

About a month ago I did a post on getting new glasses. When I went to the opticians the pair of glasses, I selected are not the pair glasses I mentioned on my blog posted Glasses necessary, but not enough choice.

These  are my favorite pair by Prada, I usually buy Prada frames as they are simple and classically designed. 

The glass case came in this mock crocodile box .

These are my new glasses in the slimline glass case. 

These are the side view of glasses, I love these with pink contrast with the black, I love the Prada name and the pink mirror detail. 


These are my second pair of glasses the Ralph Laren pair I tend mainly use these as the were cheapest pair . 

This is a picture of  the glasses case 

Side of view of my Ralph Laren glasses they are a baby pink frame with a mock turtle pattern. When I brought these I thought they were solid black until I looked into the ligght and showed the pattern 

The are front view of my glasses 

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