Friday, 12 September 2014

Shopping in Hexham

I have visited a couple of places before I start my new job. On Tuesday, I traveled to Hexham, which is an old medieval market town, located twenty miles from Newcastle. It's a beautiful historic town, with an ancient abbey, historic streets, a Victorian park and a market held on every Tuesday and Saturday. I traveled by train to the Hexham from Newcastle. 

Hexham train station 

Hexham Abbey and Market. 


I went for a charity shopping trip to Hexham; it's a tremendous place for finding high-quality items for bargain prices. I had an eventful shopping trip and brought a few items. I've included photographs of my finds from the charity shops; 

Scope -  a wool jumper made by  Wolsey - £4.50

 Oxfam -  black ruffled mesh blouse by Next - £4.99

Cancer research  black top by Next -£4.00

Cancer research - black silk & viscose velvet skirt by Kew (tags intact)  - £4.00

Save the Children - PVC waist belt - £2 

My Outfit 

I wanted to show you my outfit I wore. I apologize about the following picture it isn't great. 

Karen Millen top - charity shop

Black skirt - made myself 

Black onyx necklace- past time 

Bracelet - Tynemouth flee market 

D&G watch- Watch shop in Malta

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