Sunday, 21 September 2014

Glasses necessary, but not enough choice.

I've started my new job, as a customer advisor last week, I am in training for the next few weeks before getting onto the floor. My new role requires me to use continually  a computer, this differ from my previous job, when I worked as a health care assistant, where I never used IT.

 Since, I have started the job I've had recurring headaches and eye strain pains. I think because I haven't been wearing my glasses, however, I lost my glasses a few months ago, and I couldn't afford to buy news ones. Now, I know I have permanent and decent paying job, I've booked an appointment for the opticians.

I decided to do a post on Gothic style glasses as there is not much choice for people who alternative tastes . I have very somber tastes and chosen a simple pair of Ralph Lauren frames. Personally, I prefer to buy quality and if I can afford it, I like to buy designer, depending on the item.

These are the Ralph Lauren including lenses are £209, I love these style of frames as a classic and simple, which will surpass any fashions trends.  I love the fleur de lis design a mother pearl reflection with the dots and the RL initials.

Ralph Lauren Glasses, I want 

The are the other options I considered:

These frames are cheaper and including the lenses price they are £79. I am considering buying these as a secondary pair of glasses, as I have a tendency to loose my glasses. Again, I like these because of there simple design and spiral detail on the arms in an interesting feature. 

I considered these frames by Luna & Jill, the cost included frames is £139. I love the shape of the glasses and design on the arms, as it has natural look with all swirls. I hate the baby pink contrast, if it had of been more of dark fushia pink or mid - dark purple, these glasses would look amazing.

The frames are by Erri and cost £159. I like the arms on these glasses as they look very unusual with the connecting metal contrast, I dislike the frames they remind me of Dame Edna Everage and it has the 50' granny style glasses. 

Some gothic glasses I wish were available: 

I love the black pair with the contrasting silver cross running along the full length of the arm with a black shape diamond motif would complement my wardrobe. I imagine if you wore these you get nothing but compliments. The glasses by Nikki 2 frames Loree Rodking on an American opticians.  

These are really cute glasses, there perfect for any lolita, but I chose these because I love the rose motif. Sorry, unable to find where to purchase or name of frames.  

These are beautiful I love these frames with its filigree arms, I adore the delicate  vine detail on the arms giving an ethereal organic quality  and the delicacy of the transparent frame setting adds to the feminine feel .This makes me think of a black full moon lit night and someone lost through a dark enchanted forest.  I love. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the name of these frames and were advertised in 2011. I found these on:  

These have a regal medieval feel with gold touches of the fleur de lis detail. I love the arms and the detail on the glasses, which also make them very fashionable for goths, who are more into more couture side of the fashion. I found these on

I have recently came across a blog, called The Gothic Optician written by a goth who is full licensed optician. She blogs about her life, has a passion for discussing alternative fashion and health issues regarding eyes. 


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