Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Hotel I stayed

My boyfriend organised a beautiful hotel, for us to stay in;  The Arno's Manner Hotel. Located next to excellent transport links. It was very easy, to get into Bristol city centre, and we were able to get the bus to Bath Spa.

This is front of the Hotel.
The hotel was built as a home known as 'Mount Pleasant', by  merchant, William Reeve in 1760, and he commissioned architecture, James Bridges to build the house.  In 1775, Reeves was declared bankrupt, and the property was divided and sold off separately. 

In 1850, the home was purchased by the Catholic order of nuns known as the 'The Sisterhood of the Asylum of the Good Shepard'. The nuns established it the home as a penitent and built a chapel on to the building. In 1858, the property became the first established Catholic Reformatory school in England.

 In 1965, the hotel was converted into a casino and later, in 1970's a disco opened (Milward).   

The Chapel 

The Chapel
The restaurant area

The hotel is meant to be haunted by a brown figure, which is meant to be a nun. Allgeations state one of the nuns became pregnant and allegedly committed suicide. 
In the 1940's a bomb landed on the property damaging the building, which required work to commence. During the repairs, workmen found a skeleton, which is meant to be the body of the pregnant nun, whose Sisters had bricked up her body to hide her shame. Later, the workers hid the bones elsewhere.

The strongest activity takes place in room 160.  People describe a sensation of being pinned down,  feeling pressure on their chest and seeing mysterious figures rising without anybody being there. Also, others have reported Poltergeist activity; objects being flung and baths filling by themselves. (Haunted rooms 2012).

The body of the Nun was found
Unfortunately, during my stay at the Hotel I saw nothing and experienced no paranormal activity.
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