Friday, 29 August 2014

Cross stitch project

Recently, I've wanted to do something creative, which is easy to carry around to do.

After finishing reading Little Women, this has inspired me to start a crafty project. I've wanted a project, which is decorative, and I can display my own crafty work. Yesterday, I went out with my dad, to Hobby Craft.  I came across the sale section and saw the cross stitch section.; I rummaged through this section until, I selected the most appealing ones, which was  the flower fairies, as I absolutely adore fairies.

Both were inspired from the Flower Fairies illustrations by Cicely Mary Barker;'  

1. Was Large Cross stitch with scene of summer day and various fairies playing. 

This is the first cross stitch I found. 

2. The one started last night, Is based on the illustration of the Lavender Fairy. 

Original Image - The Lavender Fairy by  Cicely Mary Barker

This is what the cross stitch looks like.

My progress so far

It been ages since, I last competed a cross stitch; I'm finding very addictive and relaxing to complete. 


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