Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Charity shop finds

I wanted to share some of my recent finds from the charity shops. I have always loved shopping in charity shops, and my love affair began from the age of ten. When I would go shopping in Gateshead town center.  The first thing, I ever remember buying was a shabby jewelry box, which cost the princely sum of fifty pence.

Over the years, I've become more selective about the things I buy because at one point, I had enough clothes to open up my charity shop.

 My Mam could never understand my reasons for shopping in them. Occasionally, she'll comment, on what I am wearing and ask, "where I got it from?" I usually replied, from "the charity shop" and  tell her, the price I paid for the item. When we would go anywhere, I always loved looking in the charity shops, and my mom didn't like going in. Recently, I think, she has changed, as, she tells me about her friends outfits and finds. Finding their expensive champagne budget clothes for the price of a supermarket own brand budget.

Over the years, I have noticed charity shops have become more popular. I think it's becoming popular through fashion, which have influenced the trend for second-hand  items. One-time second-hand  items were embarrassing or sign of poverty, however, this no longer is the case. Charity shops have become cool through the re-labeling and advertisement of "vintage".

 In times of austerity, people have cut back their spending and no longer can afford a treat  themselves, without feeling apprehension or guilty. The charity shop offers people the chance to treat themselves, without blowing their budgets. I think media exposure, has contributed to the charity shops rise in popularity. With television shows like Gok's fashion fix and supper scrimpers making features, on how to look great for less than a tenner.

 Also, charity shops are more selective about the items they take, in comparison to years ago. However, the higher quality of donations has commanded the increase in price for the item. Increasing running costs and inflation may have contributed to this. On the whole, I feel they have been valuable acid for those who are on tight budgets  or just want something different.
The reasons, why I love charity shops:

1. Find designer labels, cheaper, than Primark.
2. You never know what you're going to find.
3. It promotes recycling, preventing clothes going into landfills.
4. The money goes to a good cause.  

With winter coming, I want to get more into the Gothic look again and wear black. For a while, I have been trying to get out of the black by adding more color. No matter, what I wear I still, always have the gothic look. I find it such a part of my core, I always revert Gothic ascetic.
These are my recent finds:

I  found this jumper in Oxfam charity shop; it has never been worn I paid £3.99.
The label is called South it's a label I am unfamiliar with. But I love the sleeves
on the top and fabric feel  great to touch and will go with anything.  

This top has a Victorian look to it, originally made by Dorothy Perkins but found in a local charity shop I paid £2.50

This top is by Karen Millen, I found this in an oxfam charity shop and paid £5
I found this top in Marie Curie Charity shop; I paid £3.50.
It will be great in the winter and has lace front, looks amazing.
I think this was Primark.

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