Thursday, 5 March 2020

Life Update.

Hi, it's been a very long hiatus, not to say the least. Since my last post, a lot happened in October.

I had a death in the family and attended their funeral in London, which over three hours of travel on the train. We weren't particularly close, but I still felt the need to show my respects. I went into a bit of melancholic depression for most of November. I don't personally like sharing with everyone during that period. It made me realise I have the most phenomenal partner, kitties and amazing friends.

At the end of November, and December was a stellar month; I attended the HRH Viking metal fest finally saw Cruachan and Skyclad, the early pioneers of folk metal, it was just a sensational experiance. The headliners Finntroll and Moonsorrow brought Ragnok to Sheffield. I forgot my favourite band Atorc, who played on stage one.

I headed off to Berlin to see my friend Maud, really lightened my mood and what I needed after the Viking festivities.

I finally got to see the Medieval Babes - which harmoniously beautiful. They did a mixture of their new and old songs.

The Christmas period was quiet, and not much has happened. I've made positive steps to organise my finances and finish some of them minor DIY jobs in the house. I'm trying to make a conscious effort to be more environmentally friendly, my limit waste production.

I finally hung my glass shelf in the bathroom and recognised the displays.

I purchased a new rug. 

I reorganised my crafting area 

I finally purchased a vintage sewing machine. 

One of the biggest things is giving up my bus pass; I purchased a bike from Facebook Market, which has transformed my life. I  feel far physically and mentally healthier. On my days off, I'm loving going for a ride, especially when the weather is good.

In the next few months, I have lots of events and trips happening. I'm going to try to far more regularly, as I've rediscovered my passion for blogging.

I look forward to seeing what happens in the upcoming months.

Thursday, 31 October 2019

2019 Halloween Finds.

This post is late; I like posting my Halloween finds earlier, but it's been such a hectic few months.

I started my Halloween shopping from the beginning of August; very unusual,
as Tk Maxx starts getting the Halloween stock from the end of August.

Every year TMaxxxx is my winner of Best Halloween shop and great for the essential ghoulish decor. Yet, this year has been disappointing for choice. On the plus side, I've seen more shops selling decent Halloween homewares.

I haven't purchased too much, as I'm running out of space.

I only purchased a couple of things this year from Tk Maxx

A skull sugar spoon, to get me in the spooky mood.

A Halloween tin that is now my hat; I loved the design.

The is the year, best Halloween items has gone to Poundland.

I picked up some excellent, useless trinkets, but they look great. My favourites things we're the boo pumpkins. I grabbed a couple of cat-themed things

I found this great Halloween sign that looks great in my kitchen.

I found a skull jar that lights up perfect for my bathroom.

I found excellent items in The flying Tiger

I purchased bat light and a pumpkin tea light with a witches hat; I couldn't resist it.  I also bought a bat light thing, as I developed a taste for bats at the moment.

Here it is in my living room

A bat tote bag to complement my battiness. 

Next, I purchased a few Halloween accessories from Primark.

I love a good bargain and found these on sale for £3 in total.  It's a bat pillow and pumpkin garland.

I purchased some accessories while in Glasgow. 

The next stop was Home Bargains

I bought a pack black glittery ld candles, an old black kitty candle thing and batty plant thing. 

My favourite Halloween item of this year was from Next. They produced a few sophisticated spooky country chic items. My favourite was the country cottage Halloween theme sign that matched my kitchen scheme sublimely.

Saturday, 19 October 2019

Night in Glagow

Last month, I had an impromptu night in Glasgow, I visited as Black Friday advertised on her social media, she was organising a meet up in Kelvin Grove Park.

I decided to book up; I treat myself to first class, it worked out, slightly more than the standard type, it meant I had complementary to beverages and nibbles.

I started at Ncl train station in taking advantage of the first-class lounge with fueling myself much need caffeine, as I was sleeping surviving from nightshift and two and a half-sleep. It was bliss having a latte in the quiet part of the lounge with nobody around.

I head to grab my train station; I found the large seat that dwarfed me. I kicked my boots off, plug my earphones in and enjoyed the glorious North East scenery passing me. 

I felt like I was living the high life being offered complimentary beverages with galore tea, sports, soft drinks, I couldn't resist a tipple of my favourite poison gin and lemonade. I even got a delectable lunch of Chicken casserole.

Sadly, the journey ended in Edinburgh; I transferred for the train to Glasgow. It took another 40minutes, but it was a quick journey. 

I arrived in Glasgow, and I decided to check-in to my hotel rather than later lugging my bag around. I walk to the hotel. 

On my way to the hotel, I went for some quick shopping. I discovered Eurasia Crafts; it also included Osiris I had a gander in; it sold arrays of gothic and ethnic fashions, jewellery, accessories, home decor, Wicca supplies and insense. It had a great selection of items. I purchased some harem style trousers. 

 Absinthe 6 a fantastic gothic shop with a plethora of fashions, shoes, jewellery, bag,  accessories and a small selection of home decor. The shops are next to each other there definitely worth purchasing.

I followed the Halloween UK on Facebook; someone shared Halloween stocks from Primark, I stocked up on Halloween supplies. 

I booked the Alexander Thompson hotel cost £56. It was. Convenient in terms of location, as I was meeting my friend who lives on the West Coast of Scotland. I arranged to meet on Saturday morning.

I felt the urge to revisit the Necropolis; I  first visited Glasgow. I was extremely fascinated by the beauty of the place. On the visit, the cemetery has a different vibe with a windy, sunny day. The oranges reds were just sublime enhanced the beauty of the area. 

This time, I spent most of my time behind the far back part of the Necropolis, I hadn't seen this part before, on my previous visit. It had light energy.

 I only had an hour left to explore as the necropolis shut at 4:30 pm. I headed back to the entrance. I took some photo of St Mungo's Cathedral. 

A photo of me.

Next, I went to walk around St Mungo Glasgow cathedral. It was a rarity of Scottish medieval Gothic cathedral. St. Mungos. St Mungo was the patron saint of Glasgow. His name was Kentigern and mungo was an affectionate pet name. The temple was believed to built on St Mungo's crypt. The Cathedral was laid in 1137 by King David and consecrated in 1197. 

I had a walk around

Afterwards, I was getting hungry. I head to a local kitty cafe for food and kitties since I was missing my cats. It was cats galore; surprisingly, it was quiet. I feel in under the spell of the kittens particular Isa, a black kitty that reminded me of Phoebe. I feel in love with a long-haired cream cat. I tried to pack a couple of the cats in my bag; sadly, I was stopped at the door. I was only joking, very tempted to take a couple. 

After seven, I was feeling knackered; I went back to the hotel for a quiet time and in desperate need of a shower. It was great just having a cup of tea and biscuits. 

I decided to find cider, yeap; I search several pubs, guess what no settling in the Raven, a real fab ale bar with some great choices, check it out  I opted for half a pint of Bad Kitty, I don't like beer, but Bad Kitty's a smooth creamy stout, well renowned for being awesome amongst beer drinkers. 

I finished up to the left on the hunt for cocktails, I heard a band playing it was a Boston Irish theme bar in Glasgow, with an acoustic guitar playing Irish Rebel sings so. I popped my head had a couple of cider and black, yeap, that desperate there something holistic about drinking Wood Pecker.  I had ended up getting the full Glasgowien welcome and was invited to join, they some of the loveliest people I've met just fun, loud and gregarious. It can be a bit intimidating, but when you're from Newcastle, it's home and its as though I have a universal passport, with war cry I love the Geordies. Its great experience. We chatted about cats; I love it big hard Scotts talking about furry little friends and dogs we exchanging photos. 

Feeling like a zombie, after five hours of sleep, I shuffled to breakfast, and I was the second person there, quite how I like it.  I sat stuffing myself with four to five-course of breakfast. I 'm a greedy sod: not the best breakfast, a good hearty one to start the day off. 

 At 10, I met up with my friend, who lives on the West coast of Scotland, we hadn't seen each other since June were flying from Glasgow with the other half. We spent most of the morning catching up on life, so drank copious amounts of teas at our favourite community cafe. We had a quick gander in my favourite shops. 

Afterwards, I headed to the Kevlingrve Museum near the brew dog the meetup spot for the Black Friday's picnic. In her Black Friday fashion, she was running late and updated via social media; this seemed to heighten the anticipation. Eventually, she arrived; she had a chat with everyone. The party were led to Kelvingrove park we sat amongst a place for near the gorgeous gothic waterfall. 

Everybody gather and started to find a place to sit. I found met some love gregarious Glaswegions lasse. We started chatting and intermingling with each other as we waited for Black Friday to come around she took her time trying to talk amongst everyone, she decided to give all her admirers equal time and attention. I guess there were more people than she anticipated. Everybody was full of zeal and beguiled to finally for meeting Black Friday, as I think for most it was their first time. 

Forme, I had the ultimate experience of meeting her at WGT; she seemed so alive and relaxed, I guess it was the vibe of the festival.

For me, it was nice meeting Black Frid, y and she remembered me, so that was cool. 
gain; it was meeting all the lovely people and reliving my wild formative years of hanging out in parks — it an enjoyable afternoon with the picnic. 

Life Update.

Hi, it's been a very long hiatus, not to say the least. Since my last post, a lot happened in October. I had a death in the family ...