Monday, 26 March 2018

Madewell Goth the Illusionary Subcultural

A friend of mine had shared an article shared by Cemetery Confessions, 'Made Well Goth', which has self-proclaimed a barrage of hate over Twitter. A response from a member of the gothqusision Zaquary from Living the Strange. 

I fancied writing my own perspective on the article. I feel Zachary's is far more superior in addressing the issues with the article.

I don't always agree with the views of both the gothqusision or even Zachary.I agree with Zachary on this topic. I despise goth being used without people fully researching and understanding what the subcultural is about. I partially dislike the miss use of the word goth for increasing sales and exploiting new customers. I feel its laziness and a lack of creativity from the marketing department. Personally, I believe it can create confusion and contention for those new to the goth Especially when they're trying to explore and develop their own identity.

Originally when reading this I thought Made Well goth was a fashion concept of a small demographic or social media micro fashion, that's my dyslexic minds work. I love how  Meagan Fredette describes the new fashion concept as inspired from Patti Smith's New York punk style, and the takes simpcity to nu-goth to create a modern take on corp goth reflecting the changing casual work environment. 

I was incredibly disappointed after seeing the "Madewell Goth" aesthetic it looked as though it clothing that's been donned by hipsters for the last decade. There is nothing gothic, unique, original or even influenced by Patti Smith's style. It was more 

 This article has focused more on the goth aesthetic with its research extending to Wikipedia and Tumbler. There is no reference to the music, not even to one of the main five goth bands. With a myriad of online resources, it's not difficult to access this information. I feel this article is a reflection of lazy journalism that is prevalent on social media, offering nothing of substance.

The introduction is accurate as in the Goth scene has thrived for over 40 years. Goth fashion is robustly adaptable and often reflects the darker aspects of contemporary times; while taking inspiration from historical eras. However, the introduction offers nothing original and uses the same cliche introduction found in every goth related article. 

 I liked her references to the present tribulation of President Trump's ability to create intentional turmoil.  Younger generations struggle to earn a livable wage.  It highlights Fredette has a vague understanding of goth's nature to embrace the darker aspects of life. 

Throughout the article, Fredette used generalised statements that feel both insulting and patronising to the reader; both to goths and millennials.  For example, "Fashion goths who worship at the altar of Rick Owens, and your garden-variety Tumblr goth, who wears oversized t-shirts covered in pentacles and has mint green hair. It's a nearly 40-year-old subculture that stubbornly refuses to die ".

It makes all goths sound like we're fashion-obsessed addicts ogling the latest trends on tumbler with no sense of individual taste or style. She demonstrates the lack of understanding that goth style differentiates according to individual interruption. We worship gothic branded designer Rick Owens. I never heard of this designer maybes an American thing. Either way, it furthers the writer's lack of understanding and research of goth. From my perspective, Goth aesthetic  inspiration and definitely more likely to worship at the alters of Siouxsie Sioux, Robert Smith, Andrew Eldritch, David Bowie or Adam Ant. (I know the last two names aren't goth, however, the styles did influence the early post-punk and new romantic movements, which later developed into the goth scene). Fredette has clearly missed that Goth was a music movement that was a reaction to their frustrations with society during the late 70's and early 80s. Fredette's portraits goth is about looking dark and edgy intern it may be a consequence. but it's never been the focal point.  

If  Fredette was focusing of the fashion aesthetic of goth, I would prefer if she referenced Alexander McQueen; has had far more influence in terms of gothic aesthetic and has gained admiration from some within the scene. I'm surprised she hasn't mentioned goth brands like Kill Star and Punk Wave, which seem to the most popular. Then again, the writers trying to hype the Madewell brand. 

With statements like "too tired, stressed-out millennials who don't want to change outfits to go to a DIY show after work... Madewell goths are too overworked to think about their wardrobe,". I actually found this hilious but insulting feels the writer stating generally millennials can barely cope with life. The stress of choosing between jersey top or blouse cause so much stress it sends the person into a catatonic stupider. We're all such snowflakes and unable to cope. Personally, if I'm this stressed, I usually stay in my pyjamas or grab a black t-shirt, leggings and docs. 

I feel carries it the writer is subtly emphasizing the stereotype that all goths have some mental issue and can't cope with life. I feel this is a dangerous as reinforces the mainstream stereotypes goths tend to be depressed, suicidal and self-harm. The writer has appeared to have no association and experience of the subcultural. I personally feel, she shouldn't be writing about goths being stressed, even if its a marketing ploy.

I hate how the Fredette has written for the emotionally vulnerable "Madewell goths" who can't even deal with the simplest of daily living task salvation is heavily dependant on purchasing this overpriced brand. Ultimately, Madewell goth is the United States' unique response to collective trauma, without the emotional energy for flashy displays of rebellion." It represents the article attempts sound goth as both edgy and melancholic with use of dark words.It fails throughout the article and comes across as pretentious and insulting to the reader. The brand is more orientated those particular people who have more money than who fall for the market ploy of using edgy words like "goth ".  The Madewell Goth feel like the similar situation of health goth was it about marketing to increase revenue and expose the brand to new demographics.

 I hate the whole idea if you add goth to something its goth. NO,  it's not goth, is more complex then wearing some black. It's about just about donning bloody black but listening and appreciating gothic rock in order to cope with life in a healthy manner by embracing the darkest side of life as well as the lighter sides. Its also about going against society's mainstream values by making fully informed decisions and opinions, rather than just face valued facts. 

Saturday, 10 March 2018

Photography in the Snow.

Last week, I was off work for a week, very pleasant, especially since the UK has been experiencing snow storms, which is highly unusual. For my part of the world, we get snow but not to the excesses we've experience. Normally, I usually disagree with the tabloid hysteria the Beast From the East, as usual, the news created mass panic. I would suggest this has been harsher winter due to how numerous cold spells and bouts of snow. Compared to last few years, winters have been mild. Generally, when it does snow the British infrastructure seems to freeze ( bad joke). I generally believe this sort whether is abnormal to us compared to us compared to, Canda, the USA,  and Scandinavia who all deal with it.

My favourite stories was about Greg's van, who was stook on a motorway unable to make deliveries and offered everybody free pastries and cake.

The Boyfriend and I spent a pleasant stormy afternoon in the local pub from two till about nine.

On Thursday, I went out with my camera to get some shost of the city while the snow was lying, and I thought I might not get this opportunity again. I wanted also edited a few of the pictures.

This was apart of Newcastle's orginal medieval wall that protected the city. I was trying to capture  the moment of the snow during the windy spells, it just looked so magical.

These are few photos of St Nicholas's catherdral.

This biazze onmally is the infamous vampire rabbit. That local legend States the grotesque came to life leaving its perch  to frighten the grave robbers who  wete in rampant in the area.

However, not a huge amount information is known about there is one theory states it was originally a hare it ears we're destroyed when they were replace the were shorter and placed on backwards. Others suggest, the architect William Wood, made as a reference to Sir George Hate Phipson, they very close .friends .  Phipson was a prominet doctor and freemason, hares have symbolic meaning in the freemason.

Originally the rabbit was a Sandy stone colour with the black paint being a mordern addition enchancing the rabbits grumesome nature. This maybe a reference to St Nicholas burial grounds were believed to be burial for vampire as a few bodies were found  facing down so they weren't able to dig out of  the graves.

This is a photograph I've waited years to take. Its of St Mary hertage centre over looking the iconic Tyne Bridge in the snow.

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Livingroom Floor Transformation

As part of the New Years I've home improvements, I opted to get my living room floors sanded. They have always irked me,  and I regret not getting them sanding before all furniture went in.

A friend of mine recommended a company called AKL flooring who did hers. After seeing the results it was worth it. The only problem was getting the floors done when the boyfriend was away. I was planning not to go to Brighton this year at the end of May. Brighton's allure was too much to resist. I doubt we can afford a proper holiday this year.  Fortuitously, the Boyfriend had a night away with his union comrades in arms in Mid February, which coincide with my days off.  I got the men booked in.

On Thursday night we managed to get all the furniture out the living room, ( something I hope to never do again.

Phoebe on mount sofa.

The team arrived promptly at nine and started immediately even after an hour of work I was shocked at the difference of the floor. It far brighter and airier. Surprisingly, the team were finished within four hours this includes prep, sanding and four coats of varnishes  They were packed away by 1:30. There was some dust but not as much as I had anticipated. They left everything immaculate condition. I paid for the floor, which I couldn't believe the price. £270.   I've also planned to get the guys back into the hallway which they quoted £250 .They explained to the difficult nature the floors board will need to be done with a hand sander. 

I forgot to take a before photo I found these from a couple of years ago.  These were the best examples, I could find, lol. Overall, the floor looks crap.


I repainted all the walls as the paint looked patchy in some area its made a huge a difference. Also, I've been enjoying having less clutter around its allowed me to clear and out some of the clutter. This includes my college of pictures where I've put my favourites on the wall.



Disclamier: this is not an endorsed post. I wrote it to share on my blog. 

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Review of Carpe Noctum ,The Black Riders Cult, Gothzilla and Rhombus

I don't really know what the draw to Leeds is personally apart from it being the Goth Mecca of the North. My personal opinion some would disagree and state Whitby which trues in one sense. In terms of the music lineage of the post-punk and goth movement, I would contest for Leeds. Generally, I just thrive down there its partly nostalgia of formative years, the romanticized musical history, and oh yeah, Leeds market and fabric shops the galore for dressmaking. Sometimes, I think even a change of environment is good for ones well being.

Anyway, the boyfriend and I decided to head down to Leeds for Carpe Noctum the local goth night, since it was my weekend off. We both doubted if I could attend Noir castle, Newcastle's local goth night, as it was my weekend to work, it may have changed as I've been put on a night shift, which I prefer anyway. I digress too much the night was a calibration of Carpe Noctum three talented goths bands from the North. Headlining were Rhombus,  and supporting were  Gothzilla and The Black Riders Cult supporting. Each performance captivated the audience while demonstrating their unique and distinctive repertoires.

Doors opened at 7 pm but the band performed from 7:30. we arrived early so I get some drinks and find a place to stand.

Just as the boyfriend arrived with alcoholic beverages the band emerge. The three-piece band arrived with a slight smokey atmosphere that added to the mysteriousness of the lead singer. Who had defiantly raided Eldritch's wardrobe. The band hail from Sheffield and bought a much heavier rift and base sound compared to other bands trad' goth bands I've heard. However, the band stook with tradition of using a drum machine,producing an reverberating synth sounds and the vocalist with his deep droning vocals, which sound some between Ian Astbury powerful note hitting voice and Andrew Elditch baritone vocals. I'm a big fan of heavy base and guitars rifts that to enhanced the band's unique and dark sound. I'm planning to purchase their EP and I hope they plan to bring a album out.

My favourite song by the band was Assassination, however the music video quality doesn't do the band justice.

Next up was Gothzilla, who is from Scotland, Glasgow. Gothzilla had loud cheer as the entered by this time the murkiness from the smoke machine dispersed it meant better photo quality. After their first performance, they invited the audience forward everybody was huddle about half way from the stage. The audience steps forward, Gothzilla with energetic performance had the front row members gyrating through the entire performance. I  The band have an extensive influence ranging from gothic rock, prog, metal and right through to electronic and industrial; that is heavily heard throughout the set. This was the second time I saw them perform. I first saw them while they were supporting Cold In Berlin in Trillians (in Newcastle). I remember seeing them after an awful shift at work their performance uplifted my mood dramatically, I converted into a fan. 

An amazing and enigmatic band with a great traditional goth sound and unique interruption. Gothzilla has used powerful vocals, with complex riffs, guitar solo but has a clean guitar rhythm that is carried through the set, yet each song differentiates with the band utilizing electronic synths enhancing the band rich diversity in their songs

My favourite track had to the Edge Of Forever. 

The headliners were Rhombus, I was ecstatic to see the band again. I was hoping they would tour up to Newcastle but it never happened. So, this was my second time seeing the band who just seem to be even better than the last time I saw them at the Goth City Festival Opening weekend. The band is the has both male and female vocalist which creates a beautiful contrast with the male deep drolling vocals and the female ethereal vocals works; each song has its own distinctive sound, use a driving base, textured brittle flange guitars and occasionally an electric violin. The band have the traditional goth sound differ from other goth bands, as they have awe-inspiring upbeat rhythm, alluring me to dance. 

I love seeing Alixandrea animated energy during her performances as she away appears to get into the rhythm of every song she always makes think enchantress using her voice to spellbind the audience. I love the repertoire between Alxiandrea and Ed ( Bassist and male vocalist) as it comes across as very genuine chemistry which complements each other.  

My favourite song has to be Here Be the Dragons. 

After all the bands finished Carpe Noctum, started with another fantastic set. The Boyfriend and I had a good dance, as partly due to the fact we haven't been out since New Years. We left about 12:30 for a garlic bread and back to the hotel since I was despite for a cuppa.

The night was fantastic a success allowing for me to see the diverse range of bands displaying their talents and renditions of goth music. It proves that the goth and alt scene is still thriving partially in North. Also, too great to see so much support from the community supporting the band and scene from various ages range and demographics. It hard to believe to see three amazing bands and attend night was all for a fiver, I love a good bargain. 

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

My New Kitchen Floor

I warn this isn't an exciting post, I'm so ecstatic to have feel kitchen finished. Not very gothic but this is my blog. Lol. 

As I posted at the beginning of  January, (I know its hard to believe tomorrow we'll be in February) I want to organise my house by doing those small jobs and spending some of my savings on the house to get those little jobs done. 

When I bought the house, I received a generous gift from the bank of Dad, which is also an early inheritance gift. I can never put into words my appreciation of it. Anyway, this money was spent in both my bathroom and kitchen. The previous kitchen was workable, except for the dodgy plumbing that leaked. Not to mention the cooker and boiler were on there last legs. I decided installing a new kitchen would be the best option. Along with replastering, it made a huge difference.  

The kitchen before. 

Image 2

TThe kitchen has never felt finished. I've felt disgruntled with the tiled flooring it; the floor always looked dirty, cold on my feet and since I'm a klutz, and I've broken a lot of crockery.  I've contemplated whether to paint the floor or ripe the tiles up, however, the Boyfriend wanted vinyl flooring. Originally, I wanted a slate style flooring. Last week, I found an offcut big enough for my kitchen ( my kitchen area is 11sq3 )  for a bargain at £80 at Frank's Carpet. I chose this flooring as was a dark slate with a silver streak, that reflects the light. I like that detail as it follows through with my wallpaper in the living room. The tile floor looks quite similar to my bathroom, which goes with idea making my colour scheme follows through the house. 

It was fitted yesterday and cost £45.  If I installed the flooring myself, it'd taken more time to fit and the overall look inferior. The professionals had the floor installed in twenty minutes.  The kitchen finally feels finished, more coordinated and spacious. The boyfriend thinks it because I've cleaned the kitchen up. 

Disclaimer: I wasn't paid or asked to endorsed this post. Every item I have paid for myself or ( Dad  did throught the money he gifted me).  I'm just ecstatic to have my kitchen finally finished. I like to create post that may inspire readers creativity. 

Friday, 26 January 2018

My Outfits

I can't even remember the last time I did an outfit post it been so long.  I fancied compiling a post of my favourite or interesting outfits. I both enjoy doing these posts, and they always seem to very popular in terms of views and comments interaction. I usually assess a successful blog post according to the number of comments  I will attempt to do more outfit posts on a regular basis, a lot of the time I forget take photos. This year, I'm going to either find an outfit buddy to improve the photo quality or start using my tripod.

Its taken me years to build up my gothic wardrobe. When I was younger I will admit I used to be very materlistic and when I had more of disposable income, I purchase alot of goth brands. Like  Sinister, Omen and Raven, but brands like Kill Star and Punk Rave didn't exist or were very small business operating on eBay. Also, I used to purchase expensive high street brands. My favourite was Debenhams as I loved the Julian McDonald brand.

Now, I sew my own clothing particularly skirts. I tend purchase  Primark for basic and accessories , occasionally Next and TK Maxx.  Otherwwise, Most of my clothing is sourced from charity shops; I tend to have good luck, finding the high end brands and gothic style clothing secondhand. Presently,  most Goth or alt brands clothing lacks the uniqueness and quality I  remeber by no means are the prices  doesn't justifie. 

I can't even remember when I took this photo. The top was a from Debenhams by Julian McDonald range. I love the slit sleeves which kept together with buttons. This is another item I've had for years. The skirt I made from embossed with roses. 

This was one I wore with my skirt I made from upholstery fabric that resembles black snake skin, The jumper from Primark. I love Primark as I can often find some gothic looking items, then again I've always bought alot of my gothic clothing from Primark as a teenager. 

This was the outfit I wore just as I general day for charity shop raiding. The top was viscose with mesh sleeves from another charity shop find. The skirt is one I sewed years ago it has a gorgeous jacquard pattern. The yoke is made from a different fabric I used trim to hide seam line. The belt is another charity shop find it has shiny crocodile effect pattern I love. the necklace is Lapis lazuli or picked from an ethnic shop in Brighton. The boot were ones I've had for years for years from Next their biker boots.

This was an outfit I wore for a night out at Grindhouse. The top and skirt were both charity shop finds  The corset is my favorite under bust. The boots were from Guess. 

  At the moment, I embracing a Stevie Nicks meets nu goth aesthetic. Especially with the winter here, I was donning wet look leggings (from Boyes in York ) and belly dancer belt  ( charity shop in Bantery Co. Ireland). This is a handkerchief style skirt I purchased from a car boot sale from someone who was a doppelganger for Stevie Nicks.  The top was charity shop find from the Marie Curry shop in South Shields. I wore this outfit while seeing Dan Reed doing an acoustic set that was awesome.   

This was my zombie witch outfit I was dancing in Bensham Grove. I think by this time most of the makeup had come off along with my green lipstick this was taken at 9; 30 pm and I was on 12-hour shift the next morning. I need to work so I can keep myself in underbust corsets and belly dancing belts. The top (Dorthy Perkins) I wore was charity shop find from Cancer UK. It has fantastic witchy sleeves with a bell drapery sleeve. My skirt was a Geordie Goth original with fabric obtained from the local Asian fabric seller, literally, its stone throw away from my house, which I love. The necklace was a Primark Cultural appropriation of an ethnic style necklace.  I got on sale for £3. My corset wowed everyone like usually with numerous of lovely comments. The underbust was £40, from a steampunk shop in Brighton. Sadly it appeared of to closed down I scoured most Brighton and Hove and didn't find it. I guess it's a sign of the economic climate which contributed to the demise of alternative and goth shops.  

I wore this outfit to see Star Wars. The mesh top has flock floral print; I bought for a pound from a charity shop. The skirt I one I sewn. This is a picture of the skirt. 


This was an outfit I wore to Durham with the Boyfriend. I feel this was more of nu goth style. I finally found a cold shoulder top, from Next for £5 in the Christmas sale, that doesn't show my arms, I hate showing my arms off since I have bingo wings. The skirt a Per Una skirt I got for £2 at the discount Cancer UK charity shop. The boots were ankles boots I got from a Maltese Market, last year. They're so comfy.  The waist cincher was £4 from Primark. 

 This was another random, the top an oriental top I sewed using New Look 6027. The skirt is a hippy style velvet skirt by Jordash, which I have had for yonkers. The belt is another charity shop find. 

This was just a random outfit the top is a charity shop find, the skirt was sewn by me and the boots were by Guess from Tk Maxx £50. I love some Guess clothing as they always seem to have a gothic undertone which suits my somber sensibility. My necklace was an onyx by Past Times, sadly its ceased trading.  


Friday, 19 January 2018

DIY: A New Border.

The new year has revitalized and given me the rocket up the kiester to start organising those annoying house jobs done. We've organised to move the boyfriend's things from the flat,  I've started decluttering again and I'm finally reunited with my Pocket Dragons some have gone astray in the loft of no return.

Anyway, I digress. Oh yeah, my living room, originally when I decorated my sitting room overall I was happy with aesthetic and finish. My concept was to achieve a grown-up, modern sitting room with a gothic undertone I feel I have achieved.The sitting room has never quite felt  finished for various reasons, I felt the lower portion of wall need something to finish it off, 

, I've contemplated using a border to finish the room off. I came across a border when zombieing (my word wander around aimless without a purpose) on the internet. I found the perfect border that appeared complimentary to my wallpaper on my chimney breast and another decor. Its called the Campbell Black Border I got from B&Q it cost £6 for a roll and each roll has 5 metres on. (After researching in the states Home Deport stock it). 

This was very easy to apply to the wall as it was self-adhesive but it was fiddly to apply as I was using ladders and had to move them. All I did was peel the back off,  align the border with my picture rail bottom edge I just rubbed using my hand to smooth out any creases outs. At times I had unpeeled the border to get smooth as possible but it worked.  I forgot to take photos to show the process. 

Before  Pictures 


I'm really happy with the final result for £20 it feels as though finishing the room off. Checkly I had one roll left and return it get my money back as I didn't know what I would do with it. In total it cost £15, not bad. 

Disclaimer: This is not an endorsed post of any kind or any form of payment. I purchased the border with my own money. I just wanted to share my experiences and love for this gothic Victorian border.  

Madewell Goth the Illusionary Subcultural

A friend of mine had shared an article shared by Cemetery Confessions, 'Made Well Goth', which has self-proclaimed a barrage of hat...